21 Best Things To Do in Mykonos, Greece

When it comes to places to see in Greece, the idyllic island of Mykonos is at the top of most travelers’ lists.

Known for its whitewashed blue-roofed homes, this island has reached worldwide fame and has become a hotspot for jet setters, honeymooners, and party-goers.

There are around 200 islands in the Cyclades, with Mykonos being one of the most popular — for good reason.

There’s something for everyone on Mykonos island and (if you want) it’s definitely possible to escape the crowds and parties. In fact, on this list of things to do in Mykonos, you’ll only find one party-related item!

The villages across this Cycladic island are a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways, which were used as a way to confuse pirates.

Its stunning coastline is perfect for sipping wine while taking in the golden sunset, and its rocky landscape and mountainous roads are great for ATV and motorbike trips.

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In this guide, I’ll cover 21 of the best things to do in Mykonos you won’t want to miss. 

Table of Contents

1. Visit the Windmills

Sitting on the coast just outside the neighborhood of Little Venice in Mykonos Town lie these white and brown windmills.

Throughout history, Mykonos was known across Greece for its wheat production. During its height, there were over 20 windmills spread around the island, each one vital for its production and the island’s economy.

Today there are only seven windmills left, and these remnants of a not-so-distant past have transformed into one of the island’s most iconic sites.

The best thing about these windmills is that they are free to visit, are great for photos, and are one of my favorite spots to watch the sunset. Click here to find them on the map.

windmills of mykonos best things to see

2. Day Trip to Delos

This tiny island is not only scenic but also plays a vital role in Greek history and mythology. Delos is the “Delphi” of the Cycladic Islands and was a major religious spot in ancient Greece.

On the island shrouded in brush, there is a large palm tree that marks the only fresh water on the island. Plus, this is where the Titan Leto gave birth to Apollo.

Today, there are ruins of various temples scattered around that cover a range of different eras. There’s also a museum that showcases a vast amount of achronological and religious finds.

Personally, my favorite thing to do is to climb to the top of the largest mountain. This short (but intense) hike gives you a spectacular view of every corner of Delos as well as a great view of the Aegean and the nearby islands.

Delos is just a 30-minute ferry ride from Mykonos, making it one of the best day trips you can do. Click here to learn about the highly-rated tour which includes the ferry, entrance ticket, and guide. 

day trip to delos from mykonos

3. Explore Little Venice (one of the best things to do in Mykonos)

The most famous neighborhood on Mykonos is commonly known as Little Venice.

Located in the town of Mykonos, what makes little Venice so appealing (besides its beauty) is that there’s something for everyone here.

The area is perfect for taking photos, enjoying meals at small intimate restaurants (many of which are built in former sea captain’s houses), souvenir shopping, and sipping on drinks at one of the bars.

This scenic section of the town lies along the southwest part of the harbor and is one of the best places to visit in Mykonos. Click here to find Little Venice on the map. 

little venice in mykonos town best things to do in mykonos

4. Scuba Dive at Paradise Reef

There is much more to the island than rocky hills and white houses.

One of the best things to do in Mykonos for any adventure-seeker is to head underwater at Paradise Beach and explore the wide array of plant and marine life.

Divers are treated to up-close views of barracuda, octopus, starfish, sponges, and more.

Mykonos Dive Center is a good option and offers lessons that range from beginner to expert.

The prices tend to vary according to the season and type of classes you want, but a fun dive costs around 50 euros. Always do your research before choosing a dive operator.

5. Eat the Local Cusine 

One aspect that gets lost in Mykonos’s beauty is the local cuisine. Dining out here is one of the top foodie activities in Mykonos.

This island has a lot of great restaurants and signature dishes that you have to try. My advice is to find a restaurant that merges local delicacies with incredible views of the Aegean.

Food is a little more expensive in Mykonos than in less touristy islands like Naxos, Chios, and Kefalonia. However, you can still get a nice meal for 10 to 15 Euros.

Eating is one of the top things to do in all of Greece, don’t miss the tasty local cuisine here.

A few of the island’s most essential dishes to try include things like kopanisti, a wonderfully refreshing spicy cheese spread, ksinotiti, the island’s famous sour cheese, and louza, which is thinly sliced spicy pork.

I should also warn you that food the Greeks call “spicy” aren’t actually that hot.

The Greek diet has very little heat. This is great news for people who can’t handle spicy foods, but not so great for those of you who crave some heat (like I do!). 

Other foods to try are refreshing salads, fresh seafood, and honey-soaked baklava for dessert. If you’re a foodie, dining will be one of your favourite things to do in Mykonos. 

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eating the local cuisine in mykonos greece

6. Party at Paradise Beach

For those heading to Mykonos for nightlife, the major tourist spot is Paradise beach.

Spread across the towns and beaches are a variety of bars and nightclubs offering drink specials, beach parties, and music.

In the summer months, certain clubs even draw the attention of world-class DJs. Perhaps the best-known club on Paradise Beach is Cavo Paradiso which is often packed with thousands of people during the high season.

It should be noted that because of the enormous crowds of partiers and music lovers, you should book a table in advance.

This area is popular among backpackers and travelers, but don’t expect a local atmosphere or prices. Cocktails cost around 14 Euros (16 USD) while beers will set you back at least 7 Euros (9 USD).

party at paradise beach mykonos

7. Visit the Maritime Museum

For thousands of years, the Greeks have had a deep relationship with the sea. Even today the country relies heavily on massive ferries to transport goods, services, locals, and tourists around the islands.

One of the best ways to celebrate this history is at the Aegean Maritime Museum.

Here you can see relics and replicas that date back to prehistoric and ancient Greece as well as today’s world. There are fun things to check out, such as maps, coins, and statues.

It is worth a visit to learn more about some of the most quintessential parts of the country’s history. The museum is open from April – October, 7 days a week from 10:30am – 1:00pm and again from 6:30pm – 9:00pm. The entrance fee is €4. Click here to find it on the map.

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8. Go On a Bike Tour

I always think bikes are one of the best ways to explore a new area, and biking around Mykonos is no different.

Mykonos is a mountainous island, so it is wise to book a tour that’s familiar with the variety of routes around the island. One company to check out is Yummy Pedals.

They have different routes that cover all skill levels, and you’ll visit some off-the-beaten-track sites, beaches, lookouts, and churches. If you’re wondering what to do in Mykonos to get some exercise, this is a great option.

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Mykonos, this bike tour with a private beach picnic, wine, and candles is a must! 

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9. Visit the Stunning Beaches

Greek beaches are beautiful, so it’s no surprise that one of the major appeals of Mykonos is the array of diverse beaches spread around the island.

Perhaps the most gorgeous beach is Paraga, which has stunning waters, soft sand, and beachside bars. Sadly, all this beauty comes at a price as it’s one of the most crowded beaches on the island.

Another famous beach is Psarou Beach, which is worth visiting for the light blue water, incredible bay, and activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Keep in mind that you will be sharing this beach with a lot of other locals and travelers.

laying on the beach is one of the best things to do in mykonos

Elia Beach is the longest on the island, and less crowded — although it’s popular among surfers and nudists. During the summer the beach draws DJs and big parties to Elia. A bonus of going to Elia is that it’s easy to get to by local bus.

If you are traveling with family, then head to Ornos Beach, which is less than two miles south of Mykonos Town. This beach caters to families and has a lot of fresh seafood taverns, and fun tours in the area.

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10. Go Wine Tasting 

If you are a wine lover like me and are looking for a unique place to stay, look no further than Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm. This is a haven for traditional products such as cheeses, hams, rusks, and of course, wine.

The landscape here is beautiful!

Enjoy fantastic views of the hills and vineyards that surround you. Even if you decide to stay somewhere more central on the island, it’s worth traveling here for the wine tastings.

This farm is an exceptional experience that will only enhance your time on Mykonos. The Vioma Organic Farm lies just outside the village of Ano Mera.

If you’d rather have transportation and itinerary already sorted out for you, make sure to have a look at this fun, half-day, wine tasting tour.

11. Day Trip to Rhenia Island

Another great way to see more of the area surrounding Mykonos is to embark on a day tour to Rhenia Island.

The water here is clear and pristine, making it a great place to swim and relax. Getting here is a fun-filled day of sailing, meeting new friends, and taking in the beauty of the Cycladic islands.

There are a lot of day tours that will take you to both Delos and Rhenia, with prices generally costing around $100+. The tour typically lasts 6-7 hours. Click here to learn more. 

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12. Go Shopping

Mykonos isn’t just all about beaches, nightclubs, and windmills. It is also a great shopping destination for those looking for handmade souvenirs, international brands, and art. The best place for shopping is Matagianni.

This long little alley is lined with both local and luxury shops, as well as cafes and taverns perfect for grabbing a bite to eat, and a little jolt of caffeine.

While shopping is not up my alley (pun intended) I love this street because it showcases the incredible architecture of the Cycladic islands.

walking streets in mykonos greece

13. See the Church of Panagia Paraportiani

While the whitewashed houses of Mykonos are known around the world, perhaps the most notable building is the Panagia Paraportiani.

This church located in the Kastro neighborhood is one of the most amazing churches in the entire world. What makes it so popular is that it’s not just one church.

Actually, it is five small churches built almost on top of each other across several centuries.

In fact, the Panagia Paraportiani isn’t even the main church but acts like a dome to the other five churches. If you are an Instagrammer, aspiring photographer, or just looking for a lovely view then this is one place on Mykonos that you simply can’t miss.

This local icon is located in Chora (also known as Mykonos Town).

what to do in mykonos visit Panagia Paraportiani

14. Visit the Old Port

Another area worth walking around is the old port in Mykonos Town.

What I love about this area is the maze of alleys, friendly locals, and family-run shops. This area was once the major port of the island, but since the newer port has opened this section of the city has all but been forgotten.

Now the old port is only reserved for fishermen and smaller boats. It’s a great place to people watch and gives you insight into local life away from the touristy streets.

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15. Check Out The Folklore Museum

After snapping all your Instagram photos at Paraportiani Church head to the nearby Folklore museum. You will find it in the rarely visited Kastro neighborhood.

The Folklore Museum is about what you would expect — it’s a tribute to the island’s history, both old and new. Inside the museum, you will find both traditional and historically significant pieces of Mykonos history.

It covers a lot of ground displaying everything from photographs to ancient tools. The museum has split hours meaning it is closed in the afternoon for the Greek siesta. It is open from 10:30 am until 2:00 pm and from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Entrance is by donation.

16. Visit Ano Mera Village

Ano Mera is one of the oldest villages on the entire island so you might find it surprising that it is so rarely visited by other travelers (other than those stopping by to take photos at Paleokastro Monastery).

It’s worth some time to walk around and explore the village, enjoy the peace and quiet, and check out the other sites in the area.

Strolling around here is one of the best things to do in Mykonos to get away from the crowds. You can reach Ano Mera by local bus or taxi.

17. Visit the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

Another site to visit in Ano Mera is the five-hundred-year-old monastery of Panagia Tourliani. Recently restored (at least in historical terms) this monastery has an impressive design. The marble fountain sitting in the outside courtyard is also a notable site.

The inside of the monastery is equally impressive with remarkable woodwork, fire bells, vestments, and more. It’s open every day from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

monastery of Panagia Tourliani mykonos

A great way to visit this Mykonos must-see is to join this half-day tour, which takes in the Panagia Tourliani, a beautiful farm and a beach as well.

18. Armenistis Lighthouse

One site that pleases everyone is the Armenistis Lighthouse. As you can tell from the other items on this list of things to do in Mykonos, this island has a rich maritime history.

This lighthouse pays tribute to that history. It was built over 100 years ago in response to a ship that sank off the coast — a wreck in which 11 people lost their lives.

The lighthouse is also built in the perfect sunset spot on the northwest part of the island, around 4 miles (6.4km) outside of Chora (Mykonos Town). From the lighthouse, you can gaze at Mykonos’s smaller brother, Tinos.

The lighthouse is loved by photographers, sunset seekers, couples, and solo travelers. It is a perfect spot for anyone to visit. The three ways to get to this lighthouse are by taxi, bus, or hike.

things to do in mykonos visit the armenistis lighthouse

19. Kayak Around the Island

One of the more adventurous things to do in Mykonos is to get a view of the island from the water.

There are some awesome kayak tours around Mykonos that take you out on the sea to experience some of the hard-to-reach sights. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a different (stunning) vantage point of the island.  

Mykonos Kayak offers a range of different tours and trips. They also have offices all around the island, and the glassy waters of Aegean are perfect for a beginner. Tours start at around 60 Euros.

Another great option is this experience which is run by two local, professional sea kayakers. The trip is fun, affordable and highly rated. Learn more here.

20. Enjoy a Mykonos Sailing Tour

Another fun thing to do in Mykonos is taking a sail around the southern part of the island, from Agios Ioannis to Dragonisi Island. Enjoy a day on the water, while stopping in at pristine beaches for a swim, and dining on an onboard BBQ and fruits.

This gets you away from the crowded beaches to more remote parts of the island. Click here to learn more about this relaxing day at sea. 

sailing around mykonos island

21. Experience Summer Festivals

If you time your visit right, you can enjoy a lot of entertainment. July and August are the prime months when Mykonos turns into a non-stop music festival. The beaches, bars, and nightclubs are pumping during these months.

The weather is hot and perfect for sipping cocktails while laying on the beach and listening to live music. The summer festivals draw DJ’s and musicians from all over the world. If partying is your thing, don’t miss the summer months in Mykonos. 

More Mykonos Activities

There are so many fun things to do in Mykonos that I had to add a few more to this list. 

Brewery Tour (and tasting!)

If you’re into craft beer, you’ll want to check out Mykonos Brewing Company. This affordable experience gets you a tour of the brewery and you’ll learn how to convert ingredients into beer…all while sipping on 5 of the small-batch brews on offer. Find out more here.  

Cooking Class

This is one of the top things to do in Mykonos for foodies. If you like souvlaki, tzatziki, pita, wine, and meeting new friends, this experience is for you. The cooking class is actually set in the host’s home, giving it a truly authentic feel. Learn more about this highly-rated class here.

Wine Tasting at a Secluded Beach

This is one of the most romantic things to do in Mykonos — although, you could definitely enjoy this experience with friends as well. You’ll be given the secret location 24 hours before the trip, and once you arrive you’ll be blown away by the view. Sniff, swirl and sip on a variety of wines and snack on local appetizers while watching the sunset. Find out more here.

FAQ’s About Mykonos

Some answers to typical questions about travelling to Mykonos.

What is Mykonos Known For?

Mykonos is best known for many things: its vibrant nightlife, being LGBTQ-friendly, the photogenic white buildings of Mykonos town, and shopping.

Is Santorini or Mykonos Better?

This depends entirely on what you want out of your Greece holiday. Santorini and Mykonos both have beautiful white-washed buildings, but Santorini has more picturesque areas.

Mykonos has a younger crowd and is known for its nightlife and parties, while Santorini is a more romantic, quiet place that’s popular with couples and honeymooners. 

The beaches are better in Mykonos, but Santorini’s sunset and views are second to none. Both islands have airports, and both are reachable by ferry from Athens (Santorini takes around 5-8 hours, while Mykonos is 2.5-6 hours depending on the ferry). Search for ferry times and prices here.

How to Get to Mykonos

There are two ways to get to Mykonos, you can fly (Mykonos has an airport), or you can take the ferry.

The ferry is cheaper and more comfortable. It takes 3-5 hours to reach Mykonos from Athens depending on which type of boat you book. Search for ferry times and prices here.

The ferry from Santorini to Mykonos takes between 1.5 hours and 3.5 hours depending on the type of boat you book. Search for ferries from Santorini to Mykonos here.

You can also fly from Athens airport to Mykonos which takes around 45 minutes. 

Now You Know What To Do in Mykonos

The island of Mykonos offered more than I ever expected. After visiting, it’s easy to see why this small island has become so popular among travelers.

I hope this list of things to do in Mykonos will help you make the most out of your time exploring this island in the Cyclades.

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