Amber Heard reacts to the news that she will allegedly be replaced in the film Aquaman 2

The wave of rumors surrounding celebrities is gaining momentum. Now her colleague Amber Heard is trying to defend her honor, whose name has recently been on the headlines.

The thing is that on June 14, there was news about the complete replacement of the heroine Amber in the new Aquaman 2.

However, representatives of the star laughed at dispelling the prejudice of Warner Bros. against his famous followers.

“The rumor mill continues to spin, just like the first day; it’s inaccurate, insensitive, and slightly insane,” a rep for the actress replied.

The initial source of information was Just Jared, which made it clear that her role as Mera would be re-shot with a different actress. As it spread, the information acquired new details and conflicting details.

Perhaps the reason for such statements was the scandalous testimony in court about how the lawsuit with ex-husband Johnny Depp negatively affected her career.

Last month, during a libel trial, Heard claimed that her screen time in Aquaman 2 was significantly reduced. This comes after Depp’s previous attorney, Adam Waldman, claimed that the domestic abuse allegations Amber made in a 2018 article written for The Washington Post were part of an “elaborate hoax. “

“They gave me the script, and then they gave me a new version. Without giving away any spoilers…they just took a bunch of stuff out of my role,” Amber testified. Of course, the subsequent loss in court and the “demonized image” through the eyes of the defense of the ex-spouse can make up for Amber’s rather successful career.


But we hope that her creative achievements and talents will not be forgotten due to problems in her personal life.

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