Beautiful Julia Fox looks in a revealing outfit and unusual makeup

She really suits such crazy images.
32-year-old Julia Fox appeared on the red carpet in honor of the premiere of the film Savitree as part of the Tribeca Film Festival 2022; she arrived there on a bicycle in confirmation of this, she posted a video of her trip to her stories.

For this event, the personal stylist of Kanye West’s ex-lover, Briana Andalore, picked up a total black bow with a miniskirt that barely covers her buttocks, an original top that almost bares her breasts, a leather jacket, and tight-heeled boots.

Fox completed her look with an unusual makeup with bleached eyebrows and peculiar arrows that mimic the ears of a cat, coming from the outer corner of the eyes and ending at the bridge of the nose.

The model’s hair was pulled back into a classic ponytail and gel-smoothed. If we consider the whole image of Julia, then she looked very harmonious and in her usual outrageous manner.

Every time she goes out, Julia Fox does not disappoint when it comes to bold fashion decisions. On May 28, the model opted for an outfit in the style of the 1980s, consisting of a Paul Benzing leather coat with an open back and massively structured shoulder pads, a black miniskirt, and top, high over-the-knee boots with an impressive stiletto heel, and a Balenciaga bag.

Former lover Kanye chose to complete the brutal ensemble with the appropriate makeup. As far as her bleach browse is concerned, Fox told Page Six that she went for the look because “beautiful is over.”

Following Kim Kardashian, Maisie Williams, and Kendall Jenner, Julia Fox decided to repeat the bold beauty trend for bleached eyebrows, complementing the image with branded arrows and coral lipstick.


In addition, the star decided to leave long locks flowing from her shoulders when she posed for photographers in Los Angeles.

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