Crytek warns against using revolver glitch in Hunt: Showdown, says fix is coming soon

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Crytek has warned that Hunt: Showdown (opens in new tab) players who take advantage of a glitch that gives the LeMat Mark 2 revolver an unintended power boost could face serious consequences for their actions.

The LeMat (opens in new tab) is a nine-round revolver that also packs a secondary barrel capable of firing shotgun shells. What this means, basically, is that it has the relatively accuracy of a pistol (or high rate of fire, if you’re fanning), and can also absolutely ruin your day up close. The problem, as explained by PCGamesN (opens in new tab), is that the gun can be glitched so that when the shotgun is fired, each pellet is treated as a full metal jacket pistol round, without the usual spread of a shotgun shell. That means it hits like an absolute truck, way above and beyond what it’s meant to, as you can see in the video below.

Players have expressed their distinct unhappiness with the situation across multiple threads on the Hunt: Showdown subreddit (opens in new tab) and Steam discussion forums (opens in new tab), and earlier today Crytek said on Twitter that a fix is coming. It also warned players tempted to take advantage of the problem that doing so is not without risk.

“We are aware of the issues relating to the LeMat Mark 2 revolver,” Crytek senior social media manager Bence Hamos said in a brief video posted to Twitter. “The team have been actively working on resolving the bug, and we will release a hotfix in the coming days. Please note that using this exploit can be detected, and will result in actions being taken against the exploiter’s account.”

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What exactly those actions might be isn’t specified, but it’s safe to assume that repeat offenders could be looking at a ban. Unfortunately, that prospect has some legit players nervous: The glitch is apparently very easy to exploit, and according to one poster “could happen just because you’re playing normally.”

Most players welcomed the news of the incoming fix, but for some it’s not enough: A number of players are calling for the LeMat to be disabled immediately (opens in new tab), and not brought back into service until it’s working as intended.

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