Elle MacPherson visited the Dior show with her son Aurelius Say Andrea Busson

An Australian beauty with a wheaten shade of hair boldly conquered the catwalk in the nineties. At 58, Elle MacPherson was able to maintain that same bright smile, even tan, and, of course, a charismatic appearance.

She regularly shares the secrets of her health with an audience of millions, preferring freshly squeezed juices and dry brush massage.

However, there is also the merit of genetics in her beauty, and the last appearance of a star in the light was excellent proof of this.

The star was among the guests of the dizzying cruise show from the fashion house Dior, which took place in sunny Spanish Seville. And she had excellent company in the person of her beloved and grown-up son.

Looking at Aurelius Say Andrea Busson, it becomes evident that the 19-year-old boy has taken only the best from his star mother.

Winning the genetic lottery! On this occasion, the model wore a black chiffon dress with a seductive neckline and a knitted bolero and took a Chanel handbag.

And the heir to her beauty chose a loose black Dior shirt, comfortable joggers, and a shoulder bag from the same brand. Everyone will agree that he can boldly follow in the footsteps of a top model with a rich past.

Elle, who has recorded the Sports Illustrated Third Suit issue five times, said she usually eats breakfast at 8 am.

“I will either do yoga, or I will jump on my bike and go for a swim on the beach. If I’m on the road, I’ll bring my running shoes and go for a walk or a walk; I like to explore any new environment and get out, “he said.

“Sometimes it’s a nourishing protein smoothie made from a scoop of protein that nourishes the whale in hemp milk, half a banana, and chocolate,” he revealed.

“If I want something hot, I’ll eat sunflower or wheat-free dark rye bread, oatmeal with agave, or a cooked egg on a tea pudding soaked in almond milk.”

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