Jeffrey Epstein Survivor Virginia Giuffre Claims Prince Andrew Licked Her Toes During ‘Longest Ten Minutes Of Her Life’

One of the reported victims at the center of the long-developing Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal is speaking out in a new book by detailing her alleged experiences with disgraced royal family member Prince Andrew.

Virginia Giuffre has made new allegations as part of a forthcoming piece by Nigel Cawthorne set to detail her purported experiences as a sex trafficking victim of Epstein and his apparent fixer, Ghislaine Maxwell.

And in the new details, first published over the weekend by, Giuffre recounts the first time she met Prince Andrew in London years ago.

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Giuffre claims Maxwell told her she’d meet Prince Andrew and accompany him for an evening out on the town after being flown to London on Epstein’s dime back in early 2001. Prince Andrew, the report notes, was 41 years old at the time — while Giuffre was apparently just 17 years old herself. In the book, Cawthorne alleges that Andrew “correctly guessed” Giuffre’s age while the two were talking early in the night, as well.

After dinner out, the duo went to a nightclub in the affluent London area of Mayfair, and began dancing. The book alleges Andrew reportedly danced with the then-17-year-old while “sweating heavily,” and also kissed her neck.

Giuffre recounted:

“He was the most incredibly hideous dancer I had ever seen and I couldn’t help but laugh on the dance floor and shoot glances of embarrassment to Jeffrey and Ghislaine, who were having a good time laughing at my expense.”


Once back at Maxwell’s condo in the Belgravia area of the city at the end of the night, Giuffre alleges that the Prince soon began to touch her. Things quickly escalated from there, and Giuffre recounts some of the allegedly disturbing details, including an unsettling scenario in which Andrew supposedly focused upon her feet:

“He was groping me. He touched my breasts. He touched my ass. He was not my type, but I’d been trained not only to not show my emotions but to do what’s wanted. He started licking my toes, between my toes, the arches of my feet.”


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Giuffre was plainly disgusted by the event, saying it was:

“The longest ten minutes of my life.”


The following morning, she claims, Maxwell allegedly said she’d “done well” and that Prince Andrew “had fun.” Giuffre then claimed that Epstein paid her $15,000 for the night. The woman then alleges that she later met Prince Andrew twice more. During their second meeting, Giuffre claims, the Prince supposedly put his hand on her breast. She recalled:

“He couldn’t have cared less about me as a young woman. He was being treated to sex for which someone else was paying. From the snickering noises he was making, he was really enjoying the whole thing, but I felt like a total prostitute.”

Wow. Definitely unsettling and shocking, to say the very least.

Of course, as Perezcious readers will recall, Prince Andrew previously paid out a very large settlement to Giuffre earlier this year.

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Jun 20, 2022 08:16am PDT

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