Leaked graphic shows how you will be able to unlock an Android phone with a smartwatch

A few months ago, at CES 2022, Google revealed it’s planning to introduce a feature that will allow you to unlock your Android phone with your Wear OS watch. This new option was later found hidden in a recent Google Play Services beta version, bearing the name Smart Unlock. There was also a settings page giving some information about the new function. And now, a tweet from Esper’s Senior Technical Editor, Mishaal Rahman, sheds some more light on this upcoming feature.Within Google Play Services, Rahman found that Smart Unlock is now named Nearby Unlock. He also discovered additional information on how to use the new feature and an animation showing how the new unlocking option will work.

As we can see, in order to use Nearby Unlock, you must first ensure that your watch isn’t locked and that it’s on your wrist. After that, you will only need to move your wearable closer to your phone, and your handset will unlock itself. When your mobile device is unlocked, you will receive a notification on your smartwatch that, when tapped, will lock your phone again. Of course, you will be able to turn Nearby Unlock on or off from the settings on your smartphone.

Nearby Unlock will probably debut with the Pixel Watch this fall, and it’s expected to be available on eligible Wear OS 3 devices only.

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