Rare Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra deal slashes a cool $130 off Samsung’s beastly tablet

While Samsung wouldn’t be caught dead confirming which of its newest Android tablets has proven more popular than the others, it seems safe to assume the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is… not it. With a gargantuan 14.6-inch display and a fitting $1,100 starting price, this is hardly what we’d call a mainstream device in a competitive market long dominated by Apple’s “mid-range” iPads.

The smaller but equally as powerful Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8+ were also a lot easier to come by stateside following their early February announcement (and an unusually lengthy pre-order period during which demand clearly outstripped supply), not to mention that it didn’t take long for those two models to start receiving surprisingly substantial discounts.

The Tab S8 Ultra is finally available at a special price of its own right now with no device trade-in or other strings attached, fetching $1,069.99 at Best Buy in a configuration normally setting you back $1,199.99.

We’re talking about a state-of-the-art version with a generous 256 gigs of internal storage space and 12 gigs of memory on deck in addition to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor found inside all members of the Galaxy Tab S8 family.

Available in a single graphite hue, this model is somehow more affordable at the time of this writing than an entry-level 128GB storage variant, and in case you’re thinking of alternatives, you should know that Amazon still doesn’t appear to carry the Tab S8 Ultra at all.

Samsung, meanwhile, can hook you up with a free pair of Galaxy Buds Pro and $100 credit to spend towards accessories of your choice, a combination that’s naturally worth far more than 130 bucks. But if you simply want to keep your spending to a minimum, Best Buy’s killer new deal is definitely the one to opt for.
At $1069.99, this bad boy undercuts Apple’s latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro edition in an entry-level 128GB configuration (at its list price) while including an always handy S Pen and rocking both dual rear-facing cameras and dual front-facing cameras. 
Without a doubt the best Android tablet in the world, the Tab S8 Ultra is clearly not for everyone, but thanks to this unprecedented discount, it may well appeal to a few more people than ever before.

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