Sorry Elden Ring players, most of its song lyrics are meaningless

Elden Ring’s soundtrack is full of choral chanting, but it turns out the lyrics aren’t actually Latin.

Reddit user Magister Organi, a Latin student, has been diligently researching the lyrics used in the game’s soundtrack and has confirmed the lyrics are in fact gibberish, despite many fans seeking hidden meanings.

Instead, the lyrics are computer generated and adjusted to sound like an ancient language.

Magister Organi’s research began with the Song of Lament, sung across the world by the sirens. These lyrics are indeed in Latin, but were written by a lyricist who only worked on this one song.

The student has then contacted various music producers who worked on the game, confirming that most of the lyrics are meaningless.

For instance, Magister Organi has analysed the official lyrics for the Mohg Lord of Blood track. While some words and sounds resemble Latin, they are gibberish and instead are used simply to heighten the dramatic effect of the music.

This news is particularly interesting in light of Chinese players who translated runes on the game’s map from the beta, ahead of launch.

They discovered the runes were in fact Japanese words written in Yi script, which is very uncommon and used by priests.

It seems across lyrics and runes, FromSoftware were inspired by ancient languages to bring a sense of mystery to the game – even if some of it is unintelligible.

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