Video: Here’s The Story Behind The Cancelled Wii Plush Toy Game ‘Wiiwaa’

Image: Zoink Games

The Wii opened up a world of possibilities and creativity for many developers, and one, in particular, tried to jump on the creativity train with a unique video game that would be controlled with a soft toy.

Zoink Games, known for developing unique adventure games with distinctive art styles such as Lost In Random, Flipping Death, and Fe, were in the process of creating Wiiwaa (or Weewaa) for the Wii. This unusual toy caught the attention of the video game media in 2009 when it was first shown off, as it was a game that you played by inserting the Wii Remote into the mouth of a specially designed toy. Then you would play the game by moving the plush toy around, shaking it about, or pulling at its ears, for example.

This extremely adorable toy has all of the hallmarks of Zoink’s creativity and unique visuals, with bright orange colourings on the toy and unusual worlds for the character to explore. But the game simply disappeared in 2009.

Now, DidYouKnowGaming?‘s Liam Robertson has done a deep dive into the history of Zoink Games’ title that once had the attention of the media, only to completely vanish. From gaining enough funding to simply create a proof of concept to finding an unlikely rival in Cooking Mama, the video covers it all, including a once-lost trailer that shows where the Wii Remote was originally meant to be inserted.

You can watch the full video below, which includes insights from the founder of Zoink Games, Klaus Lyngeled. And while we’re extremely sad this unique concept never saw the light of day, we’re at least glad it’s being remembered by many out there.

What do you think of Wiiwaa? Would you have picked this up if it had been released? Let us know.

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