9 Best Probiotics for Women

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Our top probiotic of the year: Elm and Rye. Full list below:

There are many things made “for women” that are just the man’s version with a pink coating put on top of it. Razor blades, soaps, shampoos, most vitamins… the list goes on and on.


The same can be said about most dietary supplements. Even probiotics. While it is important to have a healthy gut biome, there is nothing that says that a probiotic “designed” for a man won’t do the exact same amount of good for a woman. The same can be said in reverse.


As such, our team of reviewers has taken the time to carefully consider dozens of probiotics, finding the sort that will work best for women, men, and even green-skinned Martians. What follows are nine of the best probiotics for women, along with an informational article about why you should consider taking a probiotic supplement.

We hope you enjoy this informational piece and consider adding a probiotic to your healthcare routine.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics refer to products filled with a healthy mixture of bacteria that have been shown to improve digestive health. Everyone has billions of bacteria in their guts, helping with digestion from start to end. The basic concept behind probiotics is that by ensuring that there is a healthy amount of the best possible bacteria in your gut you will be able to ensure a healthy life.

Why Take Probiotics?

Nothing ever stays the same, especially with regards to our digestive system. The food we eat, the medications we take, and whether or not we get sick all play roles in determining the overall gut biome we live with.


When something unfortunate happens, for instance, a nasty bout of food poisoning, then it is possible for the natural mixture of bacteria to become disrupted. The result can vary widely, from excessive gas and bloating to a severe and lingering illness.


Probiotics help deal with this issue by supplementing the bacteria in your gut with a fresh batch that is believed to be the most beneficial for your health.

When to Consider Probiotics

Are you dealing with occasional constipation, bloating, or gassiness? Your gut biome may be to blame. A probiotic might be the solution to your problem. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and carry absolutely no risks to your health or comfort.


Probiotics are literally the bacterial you already have in your system, just supplied in a convenient capsule form.


You can even find probiotics already mixed into food. Many brands of yogurt contain probiotics, for instance.


Potential Health Benefits for Women

We already know the question many women will be asking at this point, “Why should I take probiotics?” Well, the answer to that question is multilayered and very interesting. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider adding a probiotic to your daily healthcare routine.

Less Gas/Bloating

One of the many byproducts of digestion is the creation of methane gas. There is no getting around this; however, you can minimize the amount of gas created by having the right bacteria in your gut.


A misbehaving gut biome can generate excessive amounts of gas. This leads to bloating, excessive flatulence, and a general feeling of ickiness. The reason is quite simple: you have too much of one type of bacteria but not enough of another. A probiotic may correct this issue by providing you with a healthy supply of bacteria that will immediately get to work helping you digest your food.


Many conditions present as excess gas/bloating. As such, you should bring up your symptoms next time you visit your doctor. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to tackle even the most complex of gut issues. All you have to do is know your own body and be ready to speak up!

More Energy

The bacteria in our gut is what is responsible for extracting nutrients from what we eat. This means that having the wrong bacteria can result in situations where your meal doesn’t go as far as you think it should.


Probiotics addressed this issue by providing your body with the bacteria it needs to extract every bit of protein, vitamin, and mineral out of what you eat. No more feeling tired even though you ate a protein-packed lunch. Now you can eat with the confidence of knowing that you will be getting the energy you need.


Another nifty thing is that you can possibly eat less and still get the same amount of nutrition. Of course, this assumes your gut biome was out of sorts, to begin with. As with all medical advice, if you think that this may be a problem with your health it is best for you to make an appointment with a doctor. A couple of tests will get to the bottom of your health problem.

More Regular Bathroom Experiences

No one likes having to run to the bathroom at the drop of the hat. But that can happen if your gut biome is out of whack. So what can you do about that? How about a probiotic, stat!


There is precious little we can say on the topic and still stay family-friendly. However, we can say that a misbehaving gut biome can create a situation where you have to use the facilities an uncomfortable amount. Taking a probiotic can help with this, especially if you are only occasionally having this issue.


However, it is vital to note that if you frequently have this issue then it would be a very good idea for you to make an appointment with your doctor. There are literally thousands of potential illnesses/conditions that can result in unfortunate bathroom experiences.

Finding the perfect probiotic doesn’t have to be a monumental challenge. Our team spent several weeks testing many different brands of probiotics, all designed with the goal of alleviating the issues many women face on a regular basis.


The following are nine of the best brands we have encountered. Each one has different benefits compared to the rest, so take time to go over them carefully to find out which one will work best for you. We guarantee that there is a probiotic that can help you support your digestive health today!

Image Courtesy of Elm & Rye

Elm & Rye are producers of many effective and affordable health supplements. One of their most well-known products is their probiotic daily supplements. The active ingredient is Lactobacillus Acidophilus, a bacteria that has shown great promise in promoting both gut and immune system health.


Our team of experienced (and all lady) product reviewers was amazed by the high-quality capsules that were easy to take. It was easy to add this product to our daily regimen, especially for members of our team that already take pills throughout the day.


Pricing starts at an affordable $39.99 when you sign up for a monthly subscription. A one-off purchase will cost only $49.99. This makes the decision to concentrate on your gut health an affordable and easy one to make. All you need to do is visit their website and order a bottle. A healthier lifestyle decision has never before been easier to make.

Our team found that the probiotics in these capsules helped deal with common gut issues. The women on our team experienced less gas, had more regularity, and experienced a nice boost to their energy levels.



Probiology Gut+ is an exciting new product that helps to provide a ton of gut health benefits for women who are on a mission to succeed in life. 

This formula contains exactly the right combination of bacterial strains to promote gut health, including 4 live + potent strains of good gut bacteria, capable of delivering 40 billion CFUs safely without stomach issues. The capsules contain zero preservatives. Plus, they’re dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. 

They’re also made in the USA, and contain ingredients like Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus paracasei, bifidobacterium lactis, and MAKtrek marine polysaccharide complex.  

The formula was designed to help dial down stress levels, improve digestion and elimination, boost your energy and your ability to focus, and help you to feel lighter and slimmer. 

Pricing starts at an affordable $59.99 for a one-month supply. But you can also buy 2 months’ worth and get an additional free bottle or buy 3 bottles and get 2 more free of charge. They also offer free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Our team loved this formulation and we believe that it’s going to be one of the hottest new probiotic/gut health products on the market. We loved the ingredients; we love this company it’s just all-around a great product for a great price. 

3 — Garden of Life Doctor Formulated Probiotics

Image Courtesy of iHerb

Are you looking for a probiotic health supplement formulated by an expert on women’s gut health? Dr. Perlmutter has worked tirelessly to create the perfect probiotic supplement for women. This product is designed to support gut and vaginal health and promote a healthy immune system.


All you need to do is take a single capsule daily and be amazed at how a simple health supplement can bolster a healthy gut biome. You will shortly be dealing with less gas, bloating, and irregular trips to the restroom.


Our team of all-lady reviewers took home a couple of bottles of this supplement and integrated them into their daily lives. Within a few weeks, they started noticing many health benefits that extended beyond the usual digestive system issues. One member of our team developed a nice boost to her energy levels, helping her achieve her fitness and life goals with ease.


When used in conjunction with other health-boosting measures you can potentially start living a vastly happier and healthier life. All starting with taking a single capsule in the morning after you get done brushing your teeth.


4 — Physician’s Choice Probiotics

Image Courtesy of Physician’s Choice

Looking for an affordable probiotic that can help you improve your digestive health?  Physician’s Choice Probiotic has been carefully formulated to help you tackle many of the digestive system challenges women face on a regular basis. All you need to do is take a capsule with breakfast and start living your best life.


Each capsule contains over 60 billion live cultures of 10 different strains of bacterial, all carefully selected due to their proven ability to foster a healthy gut biome. This is a perfect supplement for anyone dealing with occasional gas, bloating, or irregular experiences in the restroom.


Beyond the probiotics, each capsule contains a special fiber blend designed to boost regularity without having you resort to nasty drink mixes or whole-grain muffins.

Our team of reviewers (all women) was delighted with the results of taking this supplement. In just a matter of days, they started experiencing the positive health benefits that come with taking a probiotic supplement. They were more regular, had more energy, and didn’t have to worry about bloating or gas as often.


Much like with other probiotics we have reviewed, taking a single capsule a day was all that was needed. This makes this supplement one of the easiest ways to go about improving your health and daily life.


5 — GNC Probiotic Complex Daily Need

Image Courtesy of GNC

With its eight strains of clinically studied probiotics, this brand of health supplement has been designed from the ground up to provide you with an amazing experience starting with the first capsule.


Our team of lady reviewers was already familiar with the GNC brand before trying out this particular probiotic health supplement. And the reason is simple — this brand is represented in stores located in nearly every major city in the United States. It is almost impossible to go to the mall without walking past one of their storefronts.


During the two weeks we had this bottle in our hands we did everything we could to see how it could improve our digestive health. From eating spicy food to indulging in a lot of dairy, we didn’t hold back.


The result was quite simple: it worked. This probiotic supplement helped deal with occasional gas and bloating most women experience on a regular basis while promoting a healthy experience in the restroom.


6 — Swanson’s Probiotics for Daily Wellness

Image Courtesy of Swanson Vitamins

Are you having trouble finding the right brand of probiotic for you and your family? Swanson Vitamins has decades of experience crafting amazing health supplements perfect for every need.


One of their most well-reviewed products happens to be their probiotic. And the reason is quite clear — all you need to do is take two very small capsules when you wake up in the morning and start enjoying a day filled with the simple joy of not having to worry about your digestive health.


Swanson Vitamins is proud to offer one of the best probiotics on the market. And at an affordable price as well, offering a 30-day supply for only $3.91. We strongly recommend this brand for anyone looking to get started on their health supplement journey. The reason is simple: it is the best value proposition among any of the supplements we have reviewed.


This is the perfect probiotic for women looking to boost their overall health. All you need to do is take one supplement per day and within a short period of time many common digestive system issues caused by a misbehaving gut biome will sort themselves out.

7 — Align Probiotic

Image Courtesy of Walmart

Are you tired of probiotic supplements that promise mountains but deliver molehills? Align Probiotic promises to naturally help with occasional abdominal discomfort, gas, and bloating while supporting a healthy digestive system.


This brand has thousands of happy reviews by people throughout the country. And the reason is simple: it does what it says on the box. All you need is to take a single capsule in the morning and you will be able to relax with the knowledge that your digestive system is getting the support it needs.


Our team of reviewers (all women, remember, keeping with the theme of the review) was quite pleased with the capsules. They were easy to both take and open, a boon for anyone that has trouble taking normal pills or capsules. All you need to do is twist the capsule and dump the contents onto your morning breakfast or drink. Within days you will start feeling your best and have the energy you need to tackle anything life throws your way.

Thanks to its low price of $26.86, we can full-heartedly recommend this brand for anyone looking to dip their toes into the health supplement world.

8 — RenewLife Health & Wellness Ultimate Flora Probiotic

Image Courtesy of Rite Aid

With over 25 billion live cultures and 10 probiotic strains, this probiotic health supplement is perfect for any woman looking to improve her digestive health without having to break the bank. Each bottle costs only $17.99 and contains a month’s worth of supplements. All the taker needs to do is take a capsule in the morning and enjoy good digestive health throughout the day.


This particular probiotic has been designed for women. This means that many of the common digestive system issues women face, bloating, constipation, and poor bathroom experiences can potentially be dealt with only a single capsule taken alongside your other pills and supplements when you get up in the morning.


The women on our team were very interested in the promise made by this brand to promote vaginal health, though that seemed to be a stretch goal. After all, the bacteria go no further than the gut. As such, while we did find relief from many common ailments, there was no change down there.


Regardless, we strongly recommend this brand to anyone looking for a simple and affordable supplement that can potentially deal with many of the common digestive system woes women face.

9 — Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care

Image Courtesy of The Vitamin Shoppe

With 34 probiotic strains, this health supplement is perfect for any woman wishing to develop a healthy and robust gut biome. All you need to do is take one pill with breakfast every morning and you will be well on your way to having a better digestive system, more energy, and healthier life overall.

Available for only $39.89, this bottle contains everything a lady needs to get started on her health journey. Made with high-quality, vegetarian, ingredients, she will not only be helping herself but be making a stand for sustainable living and environmental friendliness to boot.


Our team of experienced product reviewers (all women) was delighted to take these supplements home for a week. There, they quickly added them to their daily lives. It was easy to take these small capsules right when we got up in the morning. They were flavorless and easy to swallow, fitting right in with our normal morning routines.


One thing we were particularly enthused by was the assurance that the pills contained no genetically modified organisms. Meaning everything is completely natural. A sure-fire hit for any lady striving to only have all-natural products in their homes and lives.


The bacterial cultures are designed to make it easy for you to quickly correct common gut issues, leading to potentially noticeable results in just a matter of days. However, it should be noted that this product, like the rest discussed above, is meant to correct mild issues. If you continue to have problems, then it is important for you to make an appointment with your doctor. 

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