Grey-haired Cardi B surprised fans with a new way

Rap artist Cardi B does not hide her love for experiments with beautiful images. She often complements bright manicures and extravagant makeup with unexpected shades of hair.

This time, her choice fell on ash gray – however, foreign publications have already managed to call this shade “gray.

The celebrity became the main star of the Reebok x Cardi B campaign, in which she played the role of a real Malibu lifeguard, posing in a compression suit.

Social media users have already appreciated the ad campaign, admitting that Cardi is wearing a cold steel shade of hair that blends perfectly with her dark complexion.

However, some of them are still wondering if the celebrity used a wig or decided on stylish coloring. Cardi B herself has not yet commented on their guesses.

The fashion launch of Reebok x Cardi B included tracksuits and swimsuits, high-top sneakers, and a rather unexpected piece of clothing for a sports brand  a pink fur coat.

It is reported that only eco-friendly faux fur was used to create it, as Reebok supports animal welfare initiatives.

Simultaneously with the creation of fashion collections, Cardi B finds time to raise her children.

In early June, she showed her grown-up son and said that he was nine months old.

The singer jokes that he has known what style is since childhood because he wears a chain around his neck, and his ears are already pierced.

The first part of the collection is the Cardi Leutard 2-in-2, a combination of Pastel Blue Unitard and matching bands.

The full collection is set to release on June 17, featuring the classic Leather x Cardi B V2 and Reebok faux fur jackets priced at $ 110 USD and US 300 USD.


As for the Freestyle High Cardi and Cardi Leotard 2-in-2, the styles of both Reebok and Foot Locker will be available for $ 90 USD and $ 75 USD.

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