Kristen Bell Shares The Sweetest Father’s Day Post EVER

Love is very much alive, and it comes in the form of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard!

The endearing pair have been married since 2014 and share two children together, Delta and Lincoln Bell Shepard. Kristen is not one to shy away from a romantic post, either, and she proved it again this Father’s Day!

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The post featured the cutest photo of the two actors locking lips in a smooch by the poolside! Swoon! In the description, Bell started off with the sweetest opening:

“Some facts about my favorite dad:”

It’s definitely time to get those tissues ready! She went on to list some truly darling things about her beloved husband:

“1. He wears a pirate patch in the morning to “train his bad eye.”

2. He’s patient enough to sit in bed and draw with everyone at night.

3. He’s not afraid to play dress up.

4. He looks great in pink.

5. He always locks our bikes for us. Except for that one time, and my bike got stolen. But he recovered it after an hour of combing the neighborhood.”

Dax dressing up in pink to play with his daughters? PLEASE drop some pics of that on the ‘gram, Kristen!

“6. He sincerely believes we need a bug zapper the size of a flat screen Tv even though we don’t have many bugs in our house, though maybe with that sentence I’ve just proven his point.

7. He teaches us everything about cars and engineering, so all his girls feel confident and capable.

8. He loves to snuggle.

9. Even with the dogs. (Though he doesn’t really like dogs, he knows that dogs like dads, and he shows up for people.)

@daxshepard I am grateful to you today and everyday. Happy Father’s Day.”

Aw! We are totally convinced Dax is the best dad ever after this mega-adorable list! Check out the full post (below)

[Image via Instagram/Kristen Bell]

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Jun 20, 2022 17:41pm PDT

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