Singer Adele found what to say to angry fans after a scandal

At the end of January of this year, the singer Adele was supposed to perform in Las Vegas with a concert, but literally, on the eve of this event, she canceled the show without setting new dates.

At first, the fans patiently waited for the artist to finally dot the i’s. However, time passed, and the fate of sold-out tickets remained vague.

Last week, Adele announced her performance in Hyde Park. It was then that the fans made a real scandal in the comments, noting that the singer is extremely frivolous about her own promises.

“How about Las Vegas?”, “I’m starting to feel like I should have returned these tickets,” “Adele will probably have time to do a whole tour before she finally returns to the USA,” “I’m starting to think that she is simply ignoring the American the public,” fans were outraged in the comments.

Now the celebrity has finally decided to explain her position to the fans. In an interview for BBC Radio 4, the artist stressed that she perfectly understands the feelings of the fans. Adele herself, according to her, experienced similar devastation.

“But I can’t be bought. I’m not going to create a show just because I have to or because I can lose a lot of money,” the celebrity answered the angry fans. She also added that the show was really not the best.

Adele’s residence had already made a difficult start when her most dedicated fans were outraged by the skyrocketing ticket prices.

Tickets went on sale on December 8 through Ticketmaster’s Certified Fan program, with the previous cheapest seats selling for $ 85 before the fee, while the nearest stage sold for around $680.


But because of the incredibly high demand, all the shows sold out in minutes, and sellers began charging astronomical prices at resale markets, raising ticket prices from $ 1,000 to $ 37,000.

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