Josh Duggar Already HATED by Fellow Inmates!

Over the Fourth of July weekend, we reported about leaked audio of inmates trash-talking Josh Duggar.

Obviously, many people have spoken ill of the disgraced former reality star for years.

However, this is another matter entirely.

Some of these people are dangerous, and may have real physical access to Josh over the next 12 years.

Obviously, Jim Bob and Michelle are not 100 percent responsible for Josh’s perversions, but they are responsible for helping him evade prosecution, and thus, continue to prey on the innocent.

Over the weekend, we offered a tentative report about how Josh’s fellow inmates feel, per an alleged audio recording.

Let’s face it: while some sites are extremely reputable, anyone can fabricate alleged quotes from prisoners.

However … the audio is now publicly available, and it does not paint a pretty picture for Josh’s future.

There are many deplorable things about Josh Duggar — too many to list, in fact.

But some things make him a potential target behind bars.

The “alleged” leaked recording of inmates speaking ill of Josh is no longer just a rumor.

Josh Duggar is booked while in handcuffs after guilty verdict

You can hear that audio recording here.

The transcript is admittedly a bit faster and easier to understand, and it does not bode well for Josh.

As if to make sure that Josh would never be popular among inmates, prison authorities forced them to clean.

Joshua Duggar Picture

The goal was to tidy things up before a “celebrity” inmate arrived.

“They wanted us to come in and make the place look all clean and s–t before he got here,” one griped.

“We didn’t know what f–k it was,” the inmate admitted.

Josh Duggar is the Worst

“I heard about that dude when I was at my last spot,” another chimed in.

“When the s–t hit the fan, and the show got canceled,” an inmate described.

He continued: “All that crazy s–t because of him.”

Josh Duggar Looks Happy

The inmate remarked: “I said, ‘It would be crazy being in a unit with somebody like that.”

“My buddy, at that spot, told me he was in the place that Michael Vick was in, the football player,” the inmate noted.

This federal prison has seen other famous men whose evil deeds landed them behind bars. Josh is not unique.

The Masked Devil
Josh Duggar wears a mask after getting sprung from jail in May 2021.

“You would think with that being a reality show that they wouldn’t have canceled it… that’s reality,” one quipped.

Another argued: “The thing is reality isn’t really reality!”

“It is all scripted,” alleged another. Notably, this is seldom true, but a few shows have had scandals along those lines.

Josh Duggar at a Game
Josh Duggar is pictured here at a football stadium. We hope no young children were around him.

“Did you see him?” one inmate asked as Josh first entered the prison where he will spend the next 12 years.

Another asked: “Did you see the Duggar? Do you really think it’s him though?”

“I don’t know what he looks like,” admitted another inmate. “But everybody is saying it’s him. Everybody.”

The eldest child of the well-known reality family, The Duggars, Josh Duggar was a part of a major scandal in 2015. He was not only found to be a member of Ashley Madison, but also to have molested five girls and to have committed sexual assualt. 19 Kids and Counting has since been canceled.

A very sarcastic voice then declares that the inmates are “amongst another … celebrity!”

“I am going to get his autograph, I am,” the inmate joked.

“I know he is going to be here a long time,” the prisoner noted. “He is up there talking to (unknown inmate) right now.”

Picture of Josh Duggar

“He probably got 25 years,” one estimated.

“Fifteen,” another said.

“Fifteen? I got 25 years for it?!” a criminal demanded to know. Well, we know what that guy’s in for. Yikes.

Josh Duggar-Ted Cruz Photo
Josh Duggar and Ted Cruz were once political allies. Now the GOP presidential hopeful is doing his best to keep his distance from Josh ans his scandal-plagued family.

“Different judge,” suggested one of his neighbors.

“His dad is a politician,” another pointed out, referring to Jim Bob’s failed political career.

The inmate serving a 25-year-sentence griped: “My lawyer was a piece of s–t.”

Josh Duggar in Court
Josh Duggar in court. The only time you’ll see a Duggar wearing a mask.

For a recording like this to leak from federal prison is actually a genuine scandal.

We are certain that investigators within and without the prison will make efforts to discover the leak.

Meanwhile, Josh’s fellow inmates know who he is and what he’s in for. He’s not going to make friends easily.

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