Selena Gomez Babysat Jessica Simpsons Babygirl Maxwell Drew And Fans Are Shocked

Selena Gomez is one of the top singers in the world who has gained millions of followers through her music. She’s incredibly talented and the world knows her as an amazing singer and even more amazing human being. Jessica Simpson is also one of the top singers in the world and both the duo are known for their incredible singing and even better personalities. Selena may seem like an ordinary star, however, it was recently revealed that she babysat Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell Drew.

Recently, Jessica Simpson was on Instagram Live and told fans that Maxwell had gone to her first concert with her babysitter Selena Gomez. Jessica shares Maxwell with her husband and former NFL player Eric Johnson. She’s a very doting mother and is extremely proud of her daughter.

In a recent interview, Jessica spoke about the connection that she has to her children and the connection that they have with music. According to her, “They like to come down to the studio when I’m singing, and I started doing that when I was pregnant with Birdie…I involve them,” She loves to keep her children with her and involved with what she is doing.

She also has very mixed feelings about her daughter going to her first concert with Selena. According to a statement she made, she said “I was sad when Maxwell got to go to her first concert…Olivia Rodrigo, she went to. Selena Gomez was her babysitter, so she went with Selena. She met a really good friend of Selena’s little sister, so Max got to go to her first concert.” She added “I always thought it was going to be me as her first concert, but she’s 10 years old—she’s got to see a live show. So thank you Olivia Rodrigo for that show. And thank you Selena for being a great babysitter.”

Jessica loves Selena and appreciates her as her child’s babysitter as well. Although she’s a bit sad that she wasn’t there for her daughter’s first concert, she is glad that it was Selena that her daughter had gone with.


Fans were surprised to find out that Selena was a babysitter however for fans that just made Selena more lovable.

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