Chill out with this new sfw Reddit rabbit hole, 3D printed fans

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In the world of PC gaming, customisation is key. We like to pick and choose our parts to best suit our needs, but sometimes that isn’t enough. For those after a more personal touch there are still plenty of options like artisan keycaps (opens in new tab) to brighten up your situation as well as impressive custom builds (opens in new tab). But for some, that still isn’t far enough, so I give you the world of 3D printed fan modding.

For all my pals out there suffering in the squelching heat the UK and Europe is bringing, I bring you lots and lots of weird and interesting fans to look at via the wonderful world of Reddit. I know it won’t really help, but it might at least help you think some cool thoughts. There are certainly far worse Reddit rabbit holes you could fall down today than Fan Showdown (opens in new tab).

3d_printed_fans_after_8_months_update from r/pcmasterrace

Here you can see a community of folks who are really big supporters of fans. Shame there’s not a word for that. These Redditors come up with all sorts of crazy and interesting designs. Some are also crazy practical, like this one build that allows the user to attach their epic Noctua fans to their GPU (opens in new tab). That’s gotta help keep those temps down and it has a cool chunky 3D printed aesthetic to match.

Others are just plain crazy, like this appropriately named Porcupine model (opens in new tab). It is spiky in all sorts of ways and also a little mind bending. Even the Fan Showdown Redditors don’t seem sure this one will print well, but that remains to be seen. Perhaps someone with a resin printer will take up the challenge to bring this monstrosity into creation.

Another person made this gorgeous looking Gengar themed cooler (opens in new tab). It’s just a great 3D print of the Pokemon attached to some other prints and fans but it looks amazing and I want it. Plus it’s a great example of what a super clean 3D print can look like. 

Of course, not everyone on the Fan Showdown Reddit is printing fan mods. Some are straight up printing 3D fans that actually work (opens in new tab). It could be a cheaper option than buying them and you’d be able to set your exact configurations. Plus again, it’s just cool to see what people are making.

gengar_air_cooler from r/functionalprint

If you start browsing the Reddit you can come across all kinds of neat creations from users all over the world, which does make it a little difficult to stop. 

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