Google Photos makes finding Screenshots a breeze with new shortcut

Don’t you just hate it when you snap a screenshot on your phone and then it disappears into some god forgotten folder somewhere? Well, Google feels your pain, because the company has added a new feature that will allow you to quickly jump to your Screenshots folder in Google Photos.

The new shortcut is already rolling out to Android users of the Google Photos app and does the following: When you long-press the app icon eigher on the home screen or in the drawer, you’ll get a pop-up menu with several shortcuts – one of them is the new “Screenshots” option.

Taping on the shortcut will take you to your phone’s screenshot folder, and there are some changes to the folder as well. You can now select with a checkmark all images and videos from a specific day.

This new shortcut is a very welcome quality of life improvement and it works wonders. Instead of navigating through all the menus in Google Photos, you’re now able to view your screenshots with one tap.Furthermore, you can drag this shortcut out of the pop-up menu and place it on your home screen to make navigation to your screenshots even easier. There are two additional shortcuts in Photos – “Free up space” and “Feeling Lucky.”

The former allows you to remove already backed up photos, thus freeing up space, while the latter takes you to a random photo or video in your Library. The new screenshot shortcut is already available with the latest update of Google Photos (version 5.97).

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