Kylie Jenner’s ex-BFF Tammy Hembrow shows off insane post-baby body in spandex workout gear

Tammy Hembrow is showing off her post-baby bounce back. Pic credit: ©

Kylie Jenner may have struggled after giving birth to her second child earlier this year, but her former BFF Tammy Hembrow shows no signs of difficulty in her postpartum rebound after having her son just six weeks ago.

Tammy has always been a fitness fanatic, even turning her love for working out into a $38 million fortune.

The 28-year-old fitness influencer made a fortune between her fitness app and clothing line, but it’s her progress in getting back into shape after giving birth that has her fans talking.

So it really should surprise no one that Tammy is regularly showing off her progress as she begins to amp up her workouts again after giving birth to a girl she named Posy.

And while Tammy and Kylie aren’t friends anymore, it seems that, like another Kylie Jenner frenemy, Jordyn Woods, she’s doing just fine without a tie to the Kar-Jenner clan.

She’s been busy filling up Instagram with photos of herself, including one at Posy’s six-week birthday as she prepared for a workout that has everyone in awe.

Tammy Hembrow poses in workout gear just weeks after giving birth

Posing in a blue sports bra and tight, white spandex bike shorts, Tammy Hembrow looked at the camera with a blank face. Her hair pulled back in a braid, she held on to her drink.

In the second photo in the series shared on Instagram on Monday, Tammy turned to the side with one hand on her hip as she seemed to be studying her drink bottle. Her stomach, flat as a board with her toned ab muscles peeking above the hem of her shorts, showed no signs of giving birth.

In the third and final photo, Tammy turned to the side, still studying that bottle and giving fans a view of her backside, accentuating her amazing curves and further proving that she’s in the best shape ever.

Here’s why Kylie Jenner and Tammy Hembrow are no longer friends

Kylie Jenner and Tammy Hembrow’s friendship goes way back, and so does their friend break-up.

They are said to have met through Khloe Kardashian, with Tammy even modeling for Khloe’s Good American line as recently as 2018.

However, Tammy stopped appearing in Good American ads and soon after, rumors heated up claiming that Tammy was dating Kylie’s ex, Tyga.

Tyga even rapped about a girl named Tammy, though he never confirmed if it was Kylie’s former BFF, though their broken friendship does seem to confirm that something happened.

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