Trick Out Your Two-Wheeler With These 33 Bike Accessories

Bicycles are growing only more popular as people look for alternative ways to meet friends, head to work, zip across town to run errands, and stay in shape, and electric bikes are expanding accessibility to people who have never considered a bicycle as their primary (or even secondary) mode of transportation.

Most bikes, however, arrive from the factory ready for a casual Sunday joyride but not much else. If you want to put your bike to work hauling cargo or commuting to the office, you will need some accessories to make those journeys comfortable and fun. Lucky for you, the vast majority of bicycles are highly and easily customizable, and there’s a mountain’s worth of gear to choose from.

These picks were tested with old-school pedal bikes in mind, but nearly all of them will work for electric bikes and nonelectric (acoustic) bikes. Take a look at our Guide to Ebike Classes and Best Ebikes for more of our thoughts and explainers on electric bicycles.

Updated August 2022: We’ve added new recommendations, including the Abus Steel-O-Chain 9809, REI Co-op Beyonder Soft Foldable Bag, PNW Coast Suspension Dropper Seat Post, ODI Rogue Grips, Sram Brake Bleed Kit, North St. Morrison Backpack Pannier, Bern Hudson helmet, and two Feedback Sports Velo bike racks. We’ve also replaced the Timbuk2 Division Backpack with the Division Deluxe Backpack.

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Table of Contents

For More Comfort

Ergon GA3

Photograph: Ergon

So many things these days are a pain in the back. Riding your bike doesn’t have to be one of them. Swapping out handlebar grips, seats, and even seat posts are some of the easiest modifications you can make that’ll significantly improve your ride.

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