Two of the best racing sim games are about to be delisted from Steam

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Two of the best racing sims are being delisted from Steam. Both Project Cars 1 and 2 are going to be removed from Valve’s storefront in the coming months due the expiration of various licences and, boy, is that really sad for both the team at Slightly Mad as well as fans of the series. 

A message was posted on Twitter to announce the delistings and it mentioned that both car and track licences are the cause of the change. Though sad, there is a small silver lining in that the game will still be available to play, including the multiplayer, as long as you already own the game before it disappears. 

“Due to expiring car and track licenses, both Project Cars and Project Cars 2 will be delisted from sale in the coming months,” the tweet reads. “The games remain fully playable, and our players will still be able to enjoy all the game features, including multiplayer. We will remove Project Cars from sale on October 3rd and Project Cars 2 on September 21st. We remain focused on making the best sim racing titles, and as mentioned previously, we look forward to sharing more on the next Slightly Mad project when the time is right.”

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It’s a shame they’re being delisted, as it is with any game. Licences running out ruin all our fun. We reviewed both of the first and second Project Cars games very well here at PC Gamer giving them an 83 (opens in new tab)and 89 (opens in new tab)respectively. If you’re interested in checking them out the games are still available Steam for the moment, and you can grab the first game for £4 (opens in new tab) thanks to a discount or the second at full price for £45 (opens in new tab)

Once these games are gone, however, there still is Project Cars 3 kicking about, so the entire series won’t have disappeared. Though fans of the series think 2 was the better entry. And I’m sure you’ll have noticed that Slightly Mad hints its next project in the message above so maybe there will be a fourth instalment soon. 

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