Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Britishisms Are Corrupting My American Dialect

Jack Bailey

Now that I’m over 24 hours into my own Xenoblade Chronicles 3 deep dive, I can’t help but conjure up its slang in my daily life. For example: Whenever my cat, Majima—whom I’m sure thinks his name is either “Cat” or “Asshole” because he’s hard-headed—looms over me like a damn gargoyle until I shake his food bowl so the one spot he eats from no longer gives the illusion of being empty, I’m hearing the words “muppet,” “mudder,” and “spoon” roll off my tongue. Lord help me.


Aside from mourning my once-Midwestern American dialect, playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been a refreshing and downright enthralling experience. Kotaku’s Ethan Gach is still in the gaming mines chopping away at snuffing dinosaurs, muppet politicians, and brainwashed child soldiers for his forthcoming review. As for me, if Xenoblade Chronicles 3 keeps up its phenomenal gameplay, gripping writing, and hilarious dialogue, it’s on course to becoming my JRPG of the year, innit.

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