Jane Fonda Revealed Her Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis

Jane Fonda revealed on Friday that she has cancer and is receiving chemo. “So, my dear friends, I want to share something with you that is personal. My non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s diagnosis and chemo treatments have begun,” the venerable actress, 84, posted on Instagram.

This malignancy is fairly curable. I consider myself incredibly lucky because 80% of people survive. Aware of her “privilege sic” as a star, Fonda also described herself as “fortunate” to “have health insurance and accessibility to the greatest doctors and treatment.”

Nearly every family in America has experienced cancer at some point, and far too many do not have access to the high-quality medical treatment I do. This is wrong, she added.

The singer of “Georgia Rule” revealed that she has been receiving chemotherapy for six months and is “taking the treatments fairly well,” adding that she will not let the illness stop her from advocating for climate change.

You can count on me to stand by your side as we build our army of climate advocates because the midterm elections are quickly approaching and are of the utmost importance.

In addition, Fonda referred to cancer as “a teacher” and said she is giving focused on the lessons it has to teach me.

The value of community is one thing it has already taught me, she added. Following the beloved star’s disclosure of her diagnosis, followers and famous people filled the remarks area with support messages and inspiration.

Written by Chelsea Handler, Jane, I love you. I never stop thinking of you. “GRACEFUL QUEEN. @janefonda,” Naomi Campbell concluded. Thank you for sharing with us even during this trying time. It’s crucial to maintain an optimistic outlook! And you do, BLESSINGS OF GOD!! My concerns and prayers are with you.

According to cancer.net, non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s patients in the US have a 73 percent overall survival rate. Due to a string of near-death experiences with the disease, Fonda claimed to have “a lot of cancer” in a 2019 interview with British Vogue.

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