Jennifer Flavin’s Face Was Originally Tattooed By Stallone And Took 25 Hours To Finish

Before the marriage split up, Sylvester Stallone reportedly sought to cover up his tattoo honoring his wife, Jennifer Flavin.

A day before it was revealed that Stallone’s wife had sought a divorce, the Golden Globe winner made waves in August for replacing a picture of Flavin with a picture of the “Rocky” dog Butkus on his bicep.

Since he e-mailed and phoned me last year to explore turning Jennifer Flavin into Wonder Woman, I knew he was interested in doing anything, according to tattoo artist Mike DeVries, who spoke to People.

In 2007, DeVries spent 25 hours tattooing Flavin’s visage on Stallone, then 76. DeVries described Stallone as one of those men who knows what he wants and recounted the time the actor showed him many magazine covers for inspiration while getting a tattoo and asked for stronger colors.

DeVries informed the “Creed” actor that Wonder Woman wouldn’t pass for a cover-up due to her tiara. However, he said that all of Flavin’s hair would show through, so Stallone, who is presently filming “Tulsa King” in Oklahoma City, chose local artist Zach Perez to create the canine mask.

Best day of my career as a tattoo artist! On August 16, two days after Flavin’s birthday, Perez posted on Instagram. @officialslystallone, I appreciate you entrusting me with your tattoo today.

The Expendables actor has answered to ex-wife Flavin’s legal separation since getting tattooed, refuting her claims that he participated in willful asset waste, exhaustion, and dissipation that had a negative financial impact on the marriage property.

The Hollywood veteran also refuted accusations that their 25-year marriage fell up due to his dog—not Butkus—after speculations that they quarreled over a new Rottweiler called Dwight surfaced. According to rumors, Stallone wanted a pet for protection, whereas Flavin didn’t.

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