Carmen Electra dazzles in string bikini for Thursday vibes

Carmen Electra showed off her latest studded outfit while spending a day by the pool. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Carmen Electra was electra-fying in her latest bedazzled bikini set.

The Baywatch actress, who turned 50 this year, took to her Instagram today to share her “Thursday vibes” with followers.

Carmen delighted her 1.4 million followers by uploading a photo that showed her holding onto a tree outside while naturally basking in the sun as she held her face up towards the sky.

However, her tanned body wasn’t the only thing reflecting the sun’s rays in the photo — the sparkling, silver studs on her bathing suit took centerstage in the glamour shot.

The bombshell rocked a plunging black bikini top and a matching wrap skirt that were both fully covered in gemstones.

The skirt allowed for Carmen’s entire right hip and leg to be revealed while still tastefully covering the other side of her body.

Carmen Electra enjoys the sunshine in a matching bikini set

The former beach bombshell also let her signature, sunkissed gold locks flow over her shoulders and cascade down the front of her body.

“#thursdayvibes ☀️ enjoying the sunshine every chance i get,” she wrote in the caption.

Although Carmen often updates her social media followers with recent snapshots of herself, she also shares throwbacks from previous shows and movies.

In a recent humorous post, Carmen posted a short clip from the 2000 comedy Scary Movie, where her character is being chased by the masked Michael Myers-type character.

The clip showed Carmen dressed in a short clip as she appears to be running from the maniacal killer, only for the camera to pan out and reveal she’s actually on a treadmill. She runs off, and Ghostface jumps onto the treadmill before falling off in the classic scene.

Carmen joked in the caption, “literally how working out feels like sometimes 😂👻”

She also asked her fans, “who else luv’s this movie as much as me?? #scarymovie #ghostface #carmenelectra #tbt”

And, of course, Carmen also shares throwbacks from her time starring on Baywatch in the late ’90s.

She recently shared a compilation video with clips from the series, where she was seen rocking her classic red one-piece and bronzed complexion.

“Celebrating #tbt with some @baywatchtv memories ❣️🌊,” she wrote.

However, when it comes to a remake of the classic series, Carmen recently shared her thoughts on whether or not she would be interested in joining the reboot.

When asked if she would consider a Baywatch reboot, the actress, without any hesitation, said, “I would.”

Carmen Electra poses with Baywatch waxworks
Carmen, pictured here with a Zac Efron Baywatch waxwork, says she’d work on a reboot of the show. Pic credit: © bukley

Carmen Electra says she would be down for a Baywatch reboot

In an interview with Access, the actress revealed she would be interested in being a part of a Baywatch remake — but only under certain conditions.

She said that she had spent a lot of time on set previously being “freezing cold,” since every time they had to re-shoot a water scene, the actors had to be sprayed down with a hose.

“I will say this time, though, I definitely won’t be in the water as much,” she said. “I would rather be sort of a captain because the captain never really had to go in the water.”

“It was always freezing cold. I have so much respect for the entire cast.”

Carmen also revealed that during the filming of the original series, she had to take swimming lessons and do all her own stunts.

Carmen on the red carpet
Carmen would do Baywatch again, but she doesn’t want to get wet. Pic credit: © bukley

In the same interview, Carmen also revealed that she had been given her world-famous name by none other than Prince. Carmen, who was born Tara, claimed that the iconic musician told her she looked more like a Carmen than a Tara.

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