Suikoden Fans! It’s Back! Suikoden I and II Remasters Due Next Year


While these remakes are obviously not being worked on by the likes of designer and writer Yoshitaka Murayama, who is working on Eiyuden Chronicle, they have brought back in original character artist Junko Kawano. Which is interesting, as he is listed as working on Eiyuden Chronicle too.


IGN got hold of some in-game footage from the remakes, where you can see the improved sprites, new sound, updated UI, and even rewritten English translation—something sorely lacking in the original ‘90s releases. This is a big deal, Suikoden fans!


Oh boy, the sprite art in the battle sequence is just so good!

At least one former Konami employee has been reacting with shock at this announcement. Yuichi tweeted saying, “While I still worked for Konami at E3 2015, I was told to my face that there will never been another Suikoden game because it just doesn’t sell in the States and Europe.”


He added, “For those who don’t know there are 27 True Runes in the lore for Suikoden and only 18 have been revealed.” He says he tried to keep the series alive for eight years at Konami, with no success, but believes that if these remasters prove successful, there’s hope a sixth game will be made.


This means that, major slips aside, 2023 should see the release of both Suikoden 1 and 2, along with Eiyuden Chronicle. Like buses they are.

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