Kanye West Pokes Fun At Hailey Bieber And Wonders Aloud If Justin Bieber Has Once Again Been Canceled

When Hailey Bieber supported Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson against West’s “White Lives Matter” T-shirt criticism, West went on the model. During the course of his eventful week, the rapper posted a screenshot he had taken of an E! News piece about Bieber’s support for Karefa-Johnson.

Wait, The 45-year-old designer asked, “Am I canceled again???” in the photo’s Instagram description. Please, Justin [Bieber], let me know. Following West’s egregious bullying of the fashion editor, Hailey came out in favor of her on Tuesday.

The model commented on her Instagram Stories, “My appreciation for you runs deep, my friend!” before adding, “to know you is to cherish you and to work with you is an honor.” The nicest person. The best in their field; also the most entertaining and stylish.

Karefa-Johnson, a fashion editor who found herself in the middle of Ye’s fury, spoke up for the first time about her experience on Wednesday, and she was met with support from the 25-year-old and other A-list personalities.

I am known for speaking my mind and striving to live by my integrity. The opinions I have expressed here are my own, and I fully support them. The 30-year-old fashionista thanked her followers via Instagram Story for helping her achieve this goal.

In another, she talked about the “fat fear” she had to deal with when the Donda rapper publicly insulted her in front of his 17.9 million fans.

Karefa-Johnson wrote, “I’ve faced some serious volatility over the last several days, but nothing has been quite as horrible as what people have said about my body and the way I appear.” Nevertheless, she added, the comments haven’t made her ashamed to be herself in public.

Although West may not be sure if his latest collection, shown at Paris Fashion Week, was canceled, many industry insiders are not optimistic about his return.

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