The Family Potthast? Elizabeth and Andrei Seem Poised for a 90 Day Fiance Spinoff

Season 7 is not the first time that 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers have gotten an eyeful of the Potthast family.

Libby’s siblings and parents, and the drama that they bring, are a staple of the couple’s story.

But something is clearly different this season. The family is the same, but how the show wants us to view them is different.

For a long time, fans have wondered of Elizabeth and Andrei will receive their own spinoff. Is The Family Potthast on the horizon?

For years, Andrei Castravet has clashed with Elizabeth Potthast’s relatives.

Becky and Jenn, her sisters, had concerns about him and his intentions. They still do, honestly.

And for the longest time, Libby’s dad Chuck was begging Andrei to work for him, only for Andrei to be too prideful to accept.

Chuck and Andrei are good. Which has sparked more intense conflict with Elizabeth’s siblings.

Of late, the biggest feud has been between Charlie and Andrei.

After Libby’s brother attacked her husband during a family BBQ, he made himself the odd man out.

Andrei’s father and sisters set a boundary: he needed to get help with his drinking and his behavior.

Until then, they resolved, they wouldn’t spend any time with him. They hoped that this would push him to make good choices.

But Libby’s homophobic mom Pamela did not make that choice. She enabled Charlie, and pressured his sisters to do the same.

We have yet to see much of Chuck this season, but fans expect that this will change.

Obviously, all of this is engaging — whether you like or hate the people involved, the drama is a lot more interesting than Libby singing nursery rhymes or whatever.

But what makes so many fans increasingly convinced that the franchise is about to debut an all-Potthast spinoff?

First of all, Elizabeth and Andrei are receiving a bizarrely good edit this season.

On a previous season, one promo made it appear that Andrei had struck Libby (in actuality, he had tried to grab her phone, which is unacceptable but less violent).

Even when editors weren’t crossing that kind of line, people saw Andrei as someone brimming with toxic masculinity and often creating needless conflict. Only in comparison with Charlie’s antics did Andrei seem “reasonable.”

This season, they in many ways seem like a normal couple.

We’re getting lots of cute moments with Ellie. Andrei’s dad, a calm and polite man who is of course a fan-favorite, is visiting.

The show even followed Elizabeth as she explored the idea of a singing career. Instead of, you know, just following her around and waiting for her to slip up.

90 Day Fiance does not have writers or scripts, but producers and editors can control the lens through which we view the cast.

Someone having a difficult time might cry a few times on camera. Selective editing can make it appear that the person cries almost every episode. Or drinks too much, etc.

Andrei and Libby are looking like two people setting boundaries with family and focusing on their lives and their daughter. Even if that’s true, editors made a choice to show us this side of them.

Also, we’re seeing Elizabeth’s siblings have their own storylines — up to a point.

For now, Becky and Jenn’s roles mostly involve Libby, but we’re getting little glimpses at other parts of their lives.

As for Charlie, well, the show did an entire segment about him photographing his wife’s feet.

A lot of this is reminding us of The Family Chantel.

The parents and their drama, the siblings and their different lives.

For that matter, the Potthasts have even had some physical altercations, though they’ve fallen short of a Pedro vs the Everett Family brawl.

Jenn Potthast Cakes Andrei Castravet
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 6 star Jenn throws her plate of cake at her brother-in-law, Andrei Castravet.

Finally, we should mention that Libby is pregnant right now. A second pregnancy could certainly make for an engaging storyline.

TLC and Sharp Entertainment have yet to confirm any such spinoff, but with so many happening, it’s not hard to imagine.

We have to agree that this is one compelling, dramatic family. We don’t need Pamela on the spinoff, but the rest of them could be interesting.

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