Miriam Margolyes Who Played Professor Sprout In The Harry Potter Films Says She Was Very Unhappy With Her Salary For The Role

The Harry Potter franchise is one of the biggest movie franchises of all time with its total revenue coming out to $6 billion over the course of 8 movies and 10 years. The franchise started with its first movie in 2001 after the books had grown rapidly in popularity and Warner Brothers studios recognized that a movie franchise based on the books would be incredibly popular and lucrative. But while the franchise was a critical and financial success, not every actor involved in the movie made millions. One of the actors recently came forward and talked about how they were unhappy about their salary in Harry Potter.

Miriam Margolyes played the role of Professor Sprout in the film. The character of Professor Sprout is a popular one in the books and in the movies she made her debut in the second installment, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Professor Sprout is the teacher of herbology at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is also the head of one of the school houses, Hufflepuff. Die-hard fans of the films and the books will remember that Professor Sprout played a key role in Chamber of Secrets as she brews the Mandrake potion which helped revive all those petrified by the Basilisk. Those unaware of the plot of Harry Potter will be completely lost regarding the previous sentence.

In a recent interview with Metro, Miriam admitted that she was very unhappy with her salary for Harry Potter and used to complain about it, but she is not that unhappy anymore and is actually glad that she got the role as it helped her gain a lot of popularity. Here is her full quote:

“I never made Harry Potter millions. I think the three of four main people did, and they deserve it, but my character didn’t. I was only in two, and I only got £60,000 for being Professor Sprout, but I’m not grumbling… now. I grumbled then, but it made me very famous.”

Perhaps the salary she received was not much but Miriam will forever be Professor Sprout in the hearts of millions of Potter Heads around the world.

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