Random: Fan Reimagines Chainsaw Man’s Anime Opening In Animal Crossing

Image: Nintendo Life

There’s a lot about the popular anime Chainsaw Man which doesn’t immediately bring Animal Crossing: New Horizons to mind. The devils, the brutal action and death scenes, the literal chainsaw protruding from the protagonists head. Not quite the laid back island life of K.K. Slider and co. now is it?

We think it’s fair to say that the chances of a crossover between the two projects is about as likely as Tom Nook letting you off a few bells on your debt repayments, but that hasn’t stopped this YouTube channel from at least wondering what one would look like.

イヨくんの【あつ森アイランド】 has posted a series of anime openings made with Animal Crossing over the years – yep, the one on Attack on Titan is as horrifying as it sounds – but this take on Chainsaw Man is really quite something. Anime rarely does an opening without a show – full of action set-pieces and drama, usually accompanied by a shredding soundtrack which weirdly opposes the dark themes of the images on screen, in short, it’s amazing. We’re sure that you can imagine that this doesn’t quite match the chilled vibes of the Animal Crossing aesthetic, but hey, doesn’t that make it all the more hilarious?

To see the creator’s take on Chainsaw Man X Animal Crossing, check out the full opening below.

Be it the chainsaw popping out of a villager’s head, the Nook-faced flags flying in the background or the giant Isabelle threatening the city (never mess with your secretary), the above crossover is not what we expected to see on a Monday morning, but we feel all the more brightened because of it. Let’s just agree that we never, ever, want to see these vibes come to our island in an official collaboration in the future *shivers*…

What do you make of this crossover? What anime would you like to see get the Animal Crossing treatment next? Let us know in the comments below!

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