How Many Showers? B. Simone Sparked A Hygiene Debate And Twitter Is Split Down The Middle

B. Simone Split Twitter After Revealing She Doesn’t Shower Daily

B. Simone recently got candid about her showering routine, which includes touching water every two to three days. And her openness sparked a Twitter debate that’s getting folks dragged for showering too often or not often enough!

The conversation first started on B. Simone and Megan Ashley’s podcast Know For Sure. With comedian Desi Banks as a guest, the group began discussing nasty habits.

B spilled on her hygiene habits after asking Megan to name-drop something she does that’s nasty. Simone said, “I don’t shower every day,” and followed by asking, “is that nasty.” As the conversation continued, Simone explained that she “rather sleep than shower” during busy days in her schedule. So, per their example, if B. Simone showers on Monday, the next time she might rinse her body off is Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Social Media Weighs In On Best Hygiene Practices 

And then the innanet did their usual–took that tiny clip of B. Simone and spread it across social platforms. Soon after, debates exploded, particularly on Twitter. Some argued that daily showers, including twice a day, are the way to go. Others cosigned B. Simone’s methods of limiting how often they wash their bodies. Then, there were the TMI comments versus the praises for her authenticity. Keep scrolling to peep the trending conversations.

B Goes Live To Clarify Her Bathroom Business

After social media picked up the shower conversations, B kept the momentum. The comedian went live on Instagram, and this time she REALLY brought the innanet into her bathroom business!

“I ain’t taking a shower again all year, y’all getting on my damn nerves,” Simone joked from under the flowing shower. “This the last shower of the month. I’m sick of it.”

On Thursday, Desi Banks and B. Simone continued to capitalize on the running debates by clowning the conversation with one of their skits.

Then, they hopped on live–where B. Simone continued to break down her shower skips.

Roomies, how do y’all feel about daily showers–issa must or unnecessary?


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