Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai’s Latest YouTube Is About His Cat

Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games

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“Sharing videos of my cat is very YouTuber of me, isn’t it?” Sakurai wrote in the video’s description.

The brief upload is just shy of two minutes and thirty seconds, but it pumps a piping-hot dose of happy chemicals straight into the brain. This meowsterpiece not only features a slideshow of Fukurashi in all of her whimsy, but also added bonus of clips from her little baby kitten days. Sadly we don’t get to hear her meow, which Sakurai claims is incredibly “kawaii,” but I did some digging and grabbed the perfect clip for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.


Sakurai has quite a long history of playing to fans on social media. Whenever he wasn’t tweeting hilarious daily screenshots from Super Smash Bros. he would deliver little nuggets of wholesome content with random videos and pictures of Fukurashi. Whether she was noshing on some Churu treats, lounging with a sus plushy, or staring menacingly down a dark hallway, fans ate that shit up, and for good reason. Fukurashi is the gift that keeps on giving. The little mew mew got so popular, one Japanese fan curated a webpage that got rid of all of Sakurai’s pesky video game drivel and updated folks whenever he’d grace the public with new Fukurashi updates.


Though she appears to be an innocent bundle of joy, Sakurai noted in the new video that she’s still “just as selfish as any other cat.”


“It’s her right, as queen of the household, ” Sakurai said.

Hats off to the person who got paid to edit a cat-posting compilation video of Sakurai’s adorable feline for his YouTube channel. Although Sakurai said he’d oblige us just this once with today’s video, it’s likely only a matter of time before the YouTube craze that’s clearly overtaken the Sakurai residence results in Fukurashi getting her own dedicated channel.

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