Chicago Med Spoilers Season 8 Episode 9: Will Choi and April Have a Happy Ending?

It will be the wedding of the season… or will it?

Everyone’s invited to Choi and April’s wedding on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 9. Their union has been a long time coming; the last time they tried it, their relationship imploded thanks to April and Marcel’s kiss.

TV weddings often don’t go to plan, but since this is also Brian Tee’s (Choi’s) final episode, chances are there’ll be a happy ending.

Spoilers say Choi and April will “encounter roadblocks” while preparing for their wedding.

There is never a shortage of patients in bad shape, so Choi may need to deal with a medical crisis that threatens to derail the wedding.

Choi’s previous addiction to work was part of what killed his relationship with April before. But he’s been a changed man since his shooting, so this will likely be a temporary obstacle.

April might worry that Choi isn’t going to make it to the altar. There has to be pre-wedding drama, after all! But either he’ll decide on his own to delegate his workload, or Archer or Sharon will talk some sense into him.

Since Choi is leaving Chicago Med, whatever happens might convince him to take an indefinite leave of absence to be with April full-time.

That would be the happiest possible ending for Choi and the fans. After all of Choi’s trauma, he deserves some happiness as he rides off into the sunset.

The wedding drama is harder to invest in because Choi and April’s reunion has been almost entirely off-screen.

April left Chicago Med over a year ago, and Choi is leaving, so there wasn’t a lot of time to develop their relationship now, but it does make it feel like a footnote to Choi’s story.

Still, the wedding will be a nice send-off for these two characters, leaving the door open for either to make guest appearances.

The world won’t stop for the wedding. Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 9  will also offer plenty of medical drama.

The New OR - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 9

Will’s patient will suffer a crisis that requires the new hybrid OR. This OR is equipped with the most expensive technology, so theoretically, it should be easier to save lives using it.

But there would be little drama in that. Unsurprisingly, the spoiler video contains clips suggesting Marcel has a steep learning curve with the new tech and that Will’s patient is in danger of losing their life.

Will and Marcel have constantly butted heads over patient care, and this looks like it’ll be more of the same. If Will’s patient worsens or dies, he’ll blame Marcel. Sadly, Marcel will likely also blame himself.

The new tech was supposed to help Marcel do his job, but technology is always a double-edged sword. If it fails, it can make things worse.

Weight on His Shoulders - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 9

Tech also often takes time to learn to use effectively. The last thing Marcel or anyone needs is to waste time trying to figure out how to get it to do what they need while performing a complicated surgery.

It would make more sense for Marcel to continue to use the old OR until he is comfortable with the new tech, but if there’s an OR shortage or an emergency, that might not be possible.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Dr. Charles will work with an older patient who is confused and possibly suffering from dementia.

Dementia stories are often heartbreaking. Patients lose both their memories and their ability to function, and for their loved ones, it’s like watching them die twice.

Dire Straits - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 9

In this case, the patient will be mourning the loss of a high school sweetheart, but is this a fresh loss, or did she die long ago?

Dr. Charles will have to find a way to help someone who doesn’t know what’s going on work through feelings of loss and grief. If the patient has family, he will also have to help them grieve the loss of the person their loved one once was and understand the nature of this disease.

This could be one of the most moving stories Chicago Med has had. There is no miracle cure here; there is only acceptance of what’s been lost, which will be hard for everyone.

Be sure to stock up on tissues for this one!

Hitting Roadblocks - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 9

Although Choi’s exit will leave another gaping hole in Chicago Med’s staff, at least this time, viewers will be prepared. It won’t be a surprise like when Vanessa or Dylan left.

Dr. Lieu, the transplant surgeon who assisted Marcel with the trans-organ donation, will be back on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 9. Will he again help Marcel after whatever goes wrong in the new OR?

Lieu’s absence doesn’t make up for all the character exits — Choi is the third main character to leave Med this season. But since Marcel is now a transplant specialist, and so is Lieu, there is plenty of opportunity for new stories here.

Are you looking forward to Choi and April’s wedding, Chicago Med fanatics? What do you think Med will be like once Choi leaves?

A New Face - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 9

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