Veronica Rodriguez is Dating Jamal Menzies, and Tim Malcolm is FUMING

We have been reporting for some time that Veronica Rodriguez is dating Jamal Menzies.

This intra-90 Day Fiance crossover romance has delighted some fans and confused others.

During the 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 Tell All special Part 3, Veronica unveiled Jamal.

Some of the cast were delighted. Others clearly weren’t. And it turns out that Tim doesn’t care for Jamal at all.

This is not the show’s first crossover romance. But Tim Malcolm’s bestie (and ex) is dating Kimberly Menzies’ heartthrob son. It’s unusual, to say the least.

Veronica is 37. She is dating 27-year-old Jamal. But how did it happen?

It turns out that she asked for travel tips when planning a visit to San Diego. In response, he asked her out to dinner.

Both being young and hot, Jamal and Veronica’s dinner date lasted the night. Jamal shared that he woke up beside her.

The two were quick to explain that they are not dating exclusively. They are (like frankly most people in their age range) in an open relationship.

Jamal sleeps with others, albeit with protection. Meanwhile, Veronica has yet to branch out — explaining that she’s feeling “lazy” in that department. For many, that is relatable.

Veronica does still hope to get married — eventually.

Meanwhile, Jamal is “having fun.” But, unlike a certain gentleman whom Veronica dated on Season 3, Jamal is being very upfront about that.

But though Jamal is not concealing plans to move to Florida, Tim believes that this relationship is full of red flags.

“I’ve never seen Veronica date someone younger,” Tim complained. “It seems like a waste of time.”

He was referring to two grown adults with an age gap of only 10 years.

There’s no generational divide (Jamal and Veronica are Millennials) and aside from Veronica being a parent, they likely have a lot in common. Right?

Not according to Tim, apparently. He claimed that Veronica is “absolutely not” cool with Jamal seeing other people.

“She doesn’t feel comfortable saying yet, ‘Hey, you’ve got to get rid of the other girls,’” he speculated.

Tim continued: “I actually can’t believe that you’re lowering yourself to that, that you don’t deserve someone who’s going to put you on a pedestal. … It’s sad to me.”

First of all … many people consider dating exclusively to be a step taken months or even years into a relationship. If at all. Not Tim, perhaps, but many others.

But Veronica noted that she was the one who suggested an open relationship. They are dating long distance. She’s in Charlotte. He’s in New York and San Diego.

Jamal expressed concerns about Tim insulting Veronica. Does he even want his bestie to be happy?

Veronica noted that she wants to explore where things lead with Jamal. They’re both having fun, and she’s not ready for that to be over yet.

Backstage, Tim was even weirder about the relationship. Jamal brushed it off as well as he could. Tiffany and Natalie both viewed Jamal with suspicions.

Meanwhile, Debbie cheered on Jamal. She advised him to “go out and have fun. Life’s too damn short.” She is absolutely right!

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