Disney Dreamlight Valley: Save Time With This Useful Digging Trick

You’ll spend a lot of time farming materials for Disney Dreamlight Valley if you want to complete all of the game’s friendship quests and craft its bevy of decorative items. But all of that mining, fishing, and digging can get exhausting and tedious over time, so finding ways to cut down on the busy work is always wonderful. One such way is to use a very clever digging trick that will drastically reduce the time you spend filling in the holes you’ve dug. Read on to find out how to do it.

How to fill digging holes in quickly

Digging is arguably the least rewarding and most monotonous of all of the tasks you’ll be doing around your valley, so the last thing you want to do after farming a biome for materials is go back and slowly fill in the holes you’ve made one by one. With one little trick, though, you can close in a huge amount of them all at once.

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Just drop large structures on holes to fill them in.

To fill in a lot of holes at one time, just enter Furniture Mode and select a massive structure from around your valley, then lay it on the holes you want to fill to instantly reset the ground there. When you remove the structure, the ground will look as though you never dug there to begin with. The best options for this trick are large homes, such as Prince Eric‘s castle, but you can also use smaller objects to close in just a few holes if you prefer.

This will save you minutes at a time in some cases, and should collectively give you hours back over the course of playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for the years on end the game seems set up to make content for.

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