Check out this abandoned cityscape made in Minecraft

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The coolest Minecraft build I’ve seen in a long while, this Abandoned City map strikes a place somewhere between post-apocalyptic and simply left alone. Comprising many skyscrapers and various other buildings sinking into the earth as they slowly collapse, this build by Viator is available to check out for free on planetminecraft (opens in new tab).

i_made_an_abandoned_city_in_minecraft from r/Minecraft

It’s a really cool cityscape, with a diversity of environments that fit it very well to enrich the broader experience. One screenshot highlights a half-flooded atrium of what was perhaps a library, while others show sloped hillsides of golden grass that taper into wide pools around the base of slowly-sinking towers. The map comes complete with a village of NPCs hidden in its heart.

Viator, a Japanese minecraft mapmaker, has been working on the build since early 2022. Their previous works include an abandoned city in a desert (opens in new tab), and a similarly apocalyptic city (opens in new tab)  in a wetter environment.

Viator recommends a couple mods to use for the looks in their screenshots. First, the OptiFine (opens in new tab) mod to boost visuals, then the Nostalgia Shader v3.0 (opens in new tab), which can be found via the planetminecraft link. (opens in new tab)

Cheers for the find, PCGN (opens in new tab).

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