Guide: Disney Speedstorm Characters – Every Racer Revealed So Far

Image: Gameloft

Gameloft’s upcoming free-to-play racer, Disney Speedstorm, might not have a specific release date set for it just yet, but this doesn’t mean that we are being kept in the dark in regard to which classic Disney characters will be donning a racing suit and heading to the tracks.

It seems that with each trailer and Dev Diary, we see the potential for a whole new batch of racers. What started as seemingly just a bunch of Disney classics (Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck etc.) has rapidly spread into wider franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and it is even knocking on the door of some Pixar favourites with the collection of Monsters Inc. drivers.

We have collected together every character to have been revealed for Disney Speedstorm so far across trailers and other promotional material. Since Gameloft has not released an official roster yet, the following list will be a work in progress that we will update as soon as we catch a glimpse of a new famous face.

And that’s not all! Once we get the playable roster out of the way, we have also listed all of the revealed Crew members at the bottom of this guide so you can take a look at who you might want to put in your supporting team.

For now, have a look at every character that we have spotted and get thinking which one you would like to see take to the track. Start your engines…

Disney Speedstorm Characters

Crew Members

Of course, the above is all of the playable Disney characters to be appearing in the game, but Speedstorm doesn’t stop there. With the announcement of the game’s Crew System, you can add up to four non-playable Disney characters to your team to provide additional bonuses in the race.

All of the potential crew mates that we have seen so far are as follows:

Crew Members Film/Show
Abominable Snowman Monsters Inc.
Bagheera The Jungle Book
Boo Monsters Inc.
CDA Agent Monsters Inc.
Chip ‘n Dale Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers
Clarabelle Cow Mickey Mouse & Friends
Cogsworth Beauty and the Beast
Cri-Kee Mulan
George Sanderson Monsters Inc.
Gus Goose Mickey Mouse & Friends
Horace Horsecollar Mickey Mouse & Friends
James Norrington Pirates of the Caribbean
Jeff Fungus Monsters Inc.
Joshamee Gibbs Pirates of the Caribbean
Kaa The Jungle Book
Khan Mulan
King Louis The Jungle Book
Lanky Schmidt Monsters Inc.
Lonesome Ghosts Lonesome Ghosts
Lumiere Beauty and the Beast
Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse Mickey Mouse & Friends
Mr. Waternoose Monsters Inc.
Mrs. Potts Beauty and the Beast
Ms. Flint Monsters Inc.
Muses Hercules
Mushu Mulan
Needleman and Smitty Monsters Inc.
Pedro Pedro
Pegasus Hercules
Pete “Claws” Ward Monsters Inc.
Philoctetes Hercules
Pluto Mickey Mouse & Friends
Ragetti and Pintel Pirates of the Caribbean
Rozz Monsters Inc.
Theodore Pauley Monsters Inc.
Yao, Ling and Chien Po Mulan

Well there you have it, every character that we know will be speeding off the start line in Disney Speedstorm (as well as those who will be helping behind the scenes). We imagine that there will be more to come in the form of further announcements and post-launch drops, so be sure to keep an eye on this guide for the updated roster.

Speed down to the comments to let us know who you are the most excited to race as!

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