Law & Order: SVU Stars Shut Down Reports of Feud

Law & Order: SVU stars Ice-T and Christopher Meloni took to social media this week to shut down reports that the two actors are feuding.

Ice-T revealed that he was sent an email from The National Enquirer that the tabloid was running a story about an alleged feud between the pair ever since Meloni returned to the Law & Order universe.

Meloni shared the email on Twitter alongside the following caption:

“So… @FINALLEVEL was sent this. He was kind enough to let me know we were feuding.”

The alleged email reads as follows:

Chris Meloni Twitter Feud

To Whom It May Concern:

The National ENQUIRER is preparing to publish a story reporting actors Ice-T and Christopher Meloni are feuding since the latter’s return to the franchise.

Sources told The ENQUIRER that the former rapper has grown envious of the attention that Mr. Meloni has received since coming back.

The email also shared contact details for the recipient to comment on the feud.

Fin Goes to the Bronx - Law & Order: SVU Season 24 Episode 10

ICE-T shared Meloni’s post and didn’t pull any punches in his response.

“Just sent this email over to my guy @Chris_Meloni.”

“Clownass MFs trying to make up Drama outta thin air… WOW… MFs are really on that BS.”

So, there we have it. There is no feud between Ice-T and Meloni.

Stabler Bristles - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 11

ICE-T has been a part of the franchise for 23 years, playing Detective Fin Tutuola.

Meloni starred on SVU from its launch in 1999 until 2011, but he returned in 2021 and has made several appearances since.

He also headlines Law & Order: Organized Crime.

ICE-T previously opened up about his friendship with Meloni in 2021 on The View.

Finding a Violent Killer - Law & Order: SVU Season 24 Episode 8

He said he maintained contact with Meloni during his hiatus from all things Law & Order.

“To have him come back and watch what’s gonna happen with him and Mariska, everybody’s just waiting for that moment, but it’s good, he’s a friend, I worked with him for 12 years, we became close friends.”

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