Disney Dreamlight Valley’s 2023 roadmap teases Encanto, Frozen, and The Lion King additions

Disney Dreamlight Valley launched as an Early Access title during 2022, and has been privy to plenty of updates and new content since. Given GameLoft’s latest roadmap for the simulation game, it looks like 2023 will shape up to be a fruitful year for Dreamlight Valley fans all over again.

If you haven’t seen already, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and even Stitch are now available to join you in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Shared to Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Twitter and blog, GameLoft revealed a roadmap of content for early 2023, and there’s a lot to take in. Starting in February, the game will introduce new characters, realms, Star Paths and more throughout the year.

In February, Disney Dreamlight Valley will introduce Encanto’s Mirabel, and Frozen’s goofy snowman, Olaf. There’ll also be secrets to uncover across Frosted Heights, and an entirely new Star Path centred around Disney’s 100th Anniversary.

Then, in April, we’ll be receiving a visit from The Lion King’s Simba. There’ll also be an all-new realm, which we can probably assume to be The Lion King given Simba’s arrival, but only timt will tell. April’s Star Path will also be focused on the theme of Disney Parks.

Last, but not least, there’s the summer update. This Disney Dreamlight Valley update promises to “unveil the secret to the Forgetting,” and features a purple version of the player character. This insinuates an evil version of our character is residing out there somewhere, and maybe during summer, we’ll get some more answers as to what they’re up to.

Throughout the rest of 2023, Disney Dreamlight Valley promises more characters, realms, clothing, decorations, furniture, and perhaps the most exciting addition of them all: multiplayer.

Which of the updates or upcoming additions to Disney Dreamlight Valley are you looking most forward to? I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the one thing my experience is missing is multiplayer, so I’m excited for that!

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