Android 14 might bring the ability to toggle the Fast Pair Bluetooth feature

Android is full of useful little features that make our lives easier, and one that you probably don’t pay much attention to is Fast Pair (found on most of the best Android phones). This feature is what makes it possible for your phone to recognize a nearby Bluetooth device and send you a prompt to connect to it, therefore saving you the trouble of having to tediously go through the settings menu.

Convenient as it is, however, there are times when Fast Pair results in annoying situations, asking if you want to connect to a nearby appliance, TV, or someone else’s pair of headphones. Unfortunately, Google is yet to add an option to turn the feature off or on, so as things stand right now users don’t have the ability to avoid such awkward prompts.

Fast Pair can now be toggled on or off by going into Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences. Keep in mind, though, that since this is still not the official release of Android 14. We won’t know for sure until Google rolls out the final version this year.

The Search giant usually releases its first developer preview in February or March (already out), then follows up with an official announcement at its annual Google I/O developer summit later in the spring, and we finally get the full release of the software sometime during the Summer. Suffice it to say there is still quite some time to wait, and other surprises might pop up during our wait, so stay tuned and we will let you know.

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