Sky: Children Of The Light Is Celebrating Days Of Love Until The End Of The Month

Sky: Children of the Light‘s Valentine’s event Days of Love is back, with new cute items, and the chance to collect old items from previous years’ events. The celebration will run until February 26, and will be reflected in the surroundings of the Home space with a decorated pier and a soft ambience that will reward extra Light.

Throughout the duration of the event, all gifts of hearts and light sent to friends will be doubled, allowing players to better share the love.

A visitor Spirit from Days of Fortune will also be present through the event, ready to offer a few trinkets to players who greet them. These include a flowery archway redeemable for 100 candles, and a flower crown available for 15 hearts. New spells will also be available, including the Days of Love Gondola and paper crane-shaped message spells.

The Secret Area, accessible through the Vault of Knowledge, will also be open to all players during the event. As well as its usual tricks and secrets, players will be able to find past Days of Love items including the Days of Love mask for 15 hearts, or the purchasable Gondola Pack, Seesaw Pack, or Swing Pack for $20 each.

Brand new cosmetics are also purchasable from the in-game shop, including the Days of Love Classy Cravat for $5, and the fireworks-shooting Days of Love Serendipitous Scepter for $15.

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