Square calls Forspoken sales “lackluster” as new update fixes some of the game’s issues and adds new settings

An update for Forspoken was released yesterday and features Quality of Life updates, new settings, and graphical improvements.

One of the new features included with Update 1.10 is the setting Remember Last-Viewed Menu Section. When set to ON, the game will behave the same as it currently does. But, if turned OFF, the main menu will always default to the Map.

Lead Frey as she searches for a way home after being mysteriously transported to a fantastical land.

Another new setting is Focus on Target, that when turned ON, will behave the way it currently does. If turned OFF, pressing R3 while charging a spell will lock on to an enemy, allowing you more precise control.

The Lock On to Nearby Enemies setting will automatically switch to a nearby enemy when turned ON. It corresponds to another called Off-Screen Enemy Lock-On, where it will not matter where the enemies are.

The next one is a setting many players have asked for called Immunity to Own Magic. As the name suggests, when turned ON, it prevents Frey from getting staggered by the effects of her spells.

Version 1.10 also includes various graphical improvements. After applying the update, you will be prompted to adjust Brightness and Contrast. This will also include HDR UI elements if HDR is enabled.

Changes to lighting and ambient occlusion have also been made.

You can look over the entire set of patch notes at the link.

Speaking of Forspoken, Square Enix’s exiting president Yosuke Matsuda recently stated in an investors note that sales of the game have been “lackluster.” Matsuda also called reviews for the game “challenging,” despite positive feedback on Forspoken’s action, combat, and parkour features.

It is believed that despite the shortcomings, the game has yielded results that will “lead to improvement” of Square’s “development capabilities of other games in the future.”

Hopefully, some of the updates being made to the game will help folks change their minds.

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