UFC star Maryna Moroz shares poolside look while enjoying some fun in the sun

Maryna Moroz is stunning as she enjoys a peaceful moment in her bikini. Pic credit: @maryna_moroz_ufc/Instagram

As a professional fighter, Maryna Moroz finds herself constantly working out and practicing her form, as her job depends on always being alert and full of energy.

However, in a recent share, the UFC star gave herself a little rest as she was spotted enjoying some sunshine instead.

It’s important to find an appropriate balance between work and play, and in this sunny selfie, Maryna demonstrated just that.

In the sunny shot, the Ukrainian beauty was captured from the chest up as she glistened in the warm sun.

As she posed for this incredible selfie, Maryna rested under a blue beach umbrella while a sea of green trees towered over her in the background.

The athlete shared this peaceful scenery with her loyal followers via her Instagram Story.

Maryna Moroz enjoys a relaxing poolside moment in her beautiful bikini

In her IG Story photo, Maryna looks down into the camera while wearing a gorgeous blue and white bikini top designed by Lynxx Lingerie, who she kindly tagged in the post.

The bikini top had a beautiful ribbed design along the fabric, fitting the athlete perfectly.

She coordinated the pretty Lynxx bikini with a pair of sunglasses from the brand Pit Viper, who she also tagged in the Story. The pink-tinted shades looked amazing on Maryna as they gave this poolside fit a vibrant splash of color.

To complete her rest day look, the pro fighter threw her brown locks into a bun and rocked a naturally beautiful, makeup-free face.

Fans can now purchase the Lynxx bikini set and the Pit Viper sunglasses online through the company’s website.

Maryna Moroz selfie
Maryna Moroz enjoys some fun in the sun in her teeny bikini. Pic credit: @maryna_moroz_ufc/Instagram

Maryna Moroz shares her specialized workout routine and training tutorials

Rest days and down days seem to fly by rather quickly for Maryna, as most of her time is spent improving her skill set as a fighter.

In another recent post, Maryna shared her progress, along with her current training routine, which could help interested fans learn how to become more skillful when it comes to boxing.

In the short clip, the UFC star was captured outside along the water as she worked out with her trainer.

Maryna was light on her feet as she moved up and down while she demonstrated how to successfully hit any target.

The athlete sported a baby blue and white-trimmed jersey for the training session that allowed for a little extra wiggle room while she jabbed at her target.

She styled the jersey with pair of black biker shorts and a pair of blue and white Chuck Taylors.

As Maryna swiftly moved under the crystal clear baby blue sky, it was revealed that her hair was styled in two pretty braids that bounced to the rhythm of her movements.

The January 2023 training post was captioned, “Training videos from @x_tarasov_boxing More tutorials will be visible on my YouTube soon.”

Maryna hasn’t provided her YouTube Channel details yet. However, fans can head there once she does to see her training tutorials and workout tips designed for beginners and experts.

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