Carrie Underwood shows gratitude with tour conclusion

Carrie Underwood performed the final Denim & Rhinestones concert. Pic credit: ©

After touring the country for months as part of the Denim & Rhinestones tour, Carrie Underwood ended things the way she started — with a killer performance for a sold-out crowd.

The Oklahoma native, with Jimmie Allen as her opening act, tore down the house in Seattle following a jam-packed schedule of six months.

As Carrie fans know, the Denim & Rhinestones tour lived up to its name with fashionable ensembles, many featuring jeans and sparkles.

The American Idol winner’s final show was no exception, with the songstress taking a bow after a job well done.

Similarly to previous concerts, Carrie took to her Instagram, sharing some highlights with her 12.3 million followers on the platform.

Carrie’s IG carousel was different, however. That’s because it marked the last of a series of epic performances. In a caption accompanying the post, Carrie expressed gratitude for the crowd and the crew who helped facilitate the show.

Carrie Underwood performs final Denim & Rhinestones concert in Seattle

Carrie started the carousel strong with the visually stunning set that fans have seen for six months.

In the first image, Carrie extended one arm as she belted a tune with a white cowboy hat and a gold one-piece. She rocked chrome gold boots for a fierce and bold style. She wore the same ensemble in the second shot, pointing her microphone toward the crowd and bowing her head.

Another picture showed Carrie reaching her hand to the audience, with adoring fans holding signs and declaring their love.

Subsequent photos saw Carrie entertaining the masses and serving looks.

Her caption read, “And…that’s a wrap! Can’t believe the tour is officially over! What a ride it’s been…Thank you, #Seattle for helping us go out with a bang at the @climatepledgearena !!! 💥💥💥 And thank you to all the fans who came to all our shows! I’m so proud of this tour and so blessed to have lived it with so many wonderful people! Cheers to whatever comes next!!!”

It was clear from the post that Carrie put on a riveting show. Also apparent were Carrie’s killer legs, which have become one of her signature features.

In fact, the savvy businesswoman has capitalized on the fame of her legs.

Carrie Underwood’s Fit52 app and exercise tips

Carrie launched a fitness app called Fit52, channeling her passion for exercise in a healthy manner.

Carrie began the app in March 2020, coincidentally launching before the pandemic, after which at-home workouts exploded in popularity.

Fit52 is more than just an exercise app, however.

With Carrie’s business venture, she provided like-minded people with a community to congregate, learn, and support one another.

On an Instagram account for Fit52, fans can find workout tips, circuits, and flash fitness specials.

A recent post saw Carrie exercising, with a circuit to cause viewers to feel the burn.

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