Kansas City Chiefs owner’s daughter Gracie Hunt shares ‘soulful place’

Gracie Hunt enjoyed a vacation and shared with fans. Pic credit: @graciehunt/Instagram

Gracie Hunt is on top of the world and shares the view with her loyal followers.

For those out of the loop, Gracie is the ultimate nepo baby with an oil tycoon grandfather and her father as the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since the Chiefs won the Super Bowl last month, Gracie’s face was thrust into the spotlight.

It seems fans can’t get enough of the blonde beauty, who has turned things up a level, recently appearing on the cover of Maxim.

After some hard work striking poses, Gracie headed south of the border, sharing her adventures with her 357,000 Instagram followers.

Gracie posted a three-part Instagram carousel as she soaked up the sun while perched on a ledge. It was hard to choose a favorite picture because each shot was more beautiful than the last.

Gracie Hunt strikes a pose in sunny Cabo

The first image showed the view of Gracie from below as she looked toward the sky at the vast space before her.

Gracie rocked a pink bikini with blue, white, and yellow decorations. She added a stylish net over the colorful garment, with crystals and embellishments adding a glamorous vibe.

The influencer’s blonde tresses blew effortlessly in the wind as she luxuriated in sunny Cabo. She was sure to protect her eyes from UV rays with oversized, chic glasses.

The second shot saw Gracie pivot her body while she remained on the ledge.

Fans could see more of Gracie’s fashionable swimwear in the final picture.

As an incredibly wealthy and privileged person, Gracie doesn’t have to snag brand deals to support herself.

However, she decided to give back by partnering with the Special Olympics.

Gracie Hunt promotes the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is a very special organization that provides people with intellectual disabilities with a chance to compete and enjoy athletics. According to the Special Olympics website, 200 million people worldwide have intellectual disabilities, making the organization’s mission quite impactful.

Gracie gladly teamed up with the cause, shining a spotlight on the organization.

As it turns out, Gracie was personally impacted by the Special Olympics, because she tried out for a soccer team with her “disabled” friend.

She revealed some information about her relationship with the Special Olympics in a recent social media post. The post documented the press Gracie did to draw attention to the important cause.

Gracie’s caption read, in part, “My work with Special Olympics began almost a decade ago in high school when I tried out for the FC Dallas Special Olympics Unified Soccer team. Playing as a partner player alongside those with ‘disabilities’ changed my life, gave me lifelong friendships, and showed me first hand how sports break barriers.”

Gracie’s selfless commitment to helping others is truly heartwarming.

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