Episode 3 of Resident Evil 4 Remake’s anime spin-off is here, and it can’t get much better

As we prepare for the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, Capcom has been treating us to an adorably bizarre anime spin-off of Leon and Ashley’s adventure, called ‘Leon and the Mysterious Village.’

The third episode in the series, which comes from the talented folk at Nippon Animation, is titled “Help us, Old Man” and runs at just a few seconds longer than prior episodes, lasting one minute and two seconds.

That said, these episodes are truly short but sweet, and fans – including myself – have been eager for more since the spin-off’s conception just last week. Capcom, of course, has delivered. And much like the other Episode 1 and Episode 2, this one doesn’t end well for our beloved duo.

In the village, Leon and Ashley ask an elderly man to build them something that’ll help take them home. As the pair wait, they’re attacked by a multitude of enemies; Dr. Salvador, a parasite, multiple Ganados, and even a Garrador joins in on the brawl.

As Ashley and Leon once again ascend up into the stars again, preparing for death, our old man comes to the rescue with a helicopter! Except… he doesn’t really, because he quite clearly can’t drive the thing and crashes straight into the rookie cop and US president’s daughter. “YOU ARE DEAD,” then concludes the animation, as is tradition by now.

These animations go a long way in representing how fans of the cult classic game feel about it. This particular episode is summed up perfectly by YouTube commentor, skyleryarroll2369, who says, “love the contempt the Resident Evil franchise has for helicopters.”

Now, I want whimsical anime spin-offs for every Resident Evil classic.

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