CoD has problems on PC currently, so one player sent the devs a pizza asking for help

A CoD player affected by the recent issues caused by Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2’s Season 3 update decided to send the devs pizza asking for help.

Developing live service games isn’t always a smooth ride, and the latest big update for the current pair of CoD games was no different. When the new season dropped on April 12, the biggest multiplayer update since the games both launched, players that have AMD Vega GPUs in their PCs have been suffering from crashes. This is also affecting players with other Vega hardware too, so it’s a widespread problem – developer Beenox did acknowledge the issue on Twitter on April 17, but a fix hasn’t been implemented as of yet. So in a slightly different approach to get noticed by the devs, one fan decided to send them a pizza.

As spotted by PCGamer, over on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, a user shared a post titled, “I had a pizza delivered to Beenox with a message on [the] box saying ‘Help Vega Please’ because I don’t know what else to do.” The post was originally paired with a photograph showing proof-of-delivery, but has since been delivered, and according to PCGamer it appeared to be sat on a waiting room bench, suggesting the pizza never arrived directly to the devs. A good call on the securities part there I reckon.

To be clear, despite this being much nicer than many other ways players have tried to contact game developers: don’t do this. It’s mostly just a waste of your money, and the devs are already trying to fix the problem anyway. The poster did apparently tip the driver $10 for the trouble at the very least, but seriously, just order yourself the pizza instead.

While these issues are still ongoing, Activision recently did note in its first financial quarter results for 2023 that it still plans to release a premium CoD title this year, though we’re yet to hear anything concrete about it.

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