Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10 Review: International Break

One of my biggest complaints about Ted Lasso Season 3 has been that many of the storylines aren’t moving toward the finish line.

We still don’t know whether this is truly the end, but thankfully, Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10 finally felt like we were nearing the end of a chapter.

We’ll start with Keeley’s conundrum. It’s hard to imagine what was going through her mind when she showed up at her office to learn that the funding had been pulled.

It was obvious from the jump that Jack, despite her claims otherwise, had something to do with the decision.

Jack was like a whirlwind in Keeley’s life, consuming her with love and gifts, only to drop her when Keeley didn’t follow her orders.

Keeley's Last Stand - Ted Lasso

We didn’t dig beneath the surface with Jack, and it’s becoming clear that Jack has a wall up that doesn’t allow people to know the real her.

Keeley’s dreams were to make KJPR the next big thing, but she lost sight of the goal somewhere along the way.

Mixing business with pleasure is tricky, but the show did an excellent job showing the parallels between Keeley’s and Nate’s arcs. Keeley mixed business with pleasure and suffered a significant loss, while Nate refused to mingle with Rupert and the women in the bar and still wasn’t happy.

The best message from Keeley’s journey is that mistakes don’t define us, and although Keeley was livid that her dream company was decimated the moment the funding was pulled, the plot was still infused with hope.

Keeley Reflects - Ted Lasso

Keeley was undoubtedly reflecting on her actions and pondering how she could have made KJPR more successful, but I suspect this experience will have hardened her somewhat. Hopefully, we will see her make some more tough decisions.

Rebecca stepping in to save the day was a hopeful end to this plot, but it was a tad convenient.

Keeley: Barbara, what’s going on? Are we being slowly robbed? Oh. Wait. ( stammers ) I’m sorry.
Barbara: You haven’t spoken with Jack?
Keeley: I haven’t heard from Jack in weeks.
Barbara: But she emailed me last night to say that she was gonna reach out and tell you.
Keeley: Tell me what, Barbara?
Barbara: The board of the VC have decided to pull funding. They’re shutting down KJPR.

Then again, Ted Lasso has always been about subverting expectations, and damn, my jaw was on the floor when Roy appeared in the shot at the end.

Does this mean Keeley and Roy are back on? I’m unsure, but watching them talk about how their relationship imploded was nice.

Leaving the Office - Ted Lasso

Roy has struggled to express his emotions in the past without showcasing anger and hostility, but he’s had such a strong connection with Keeley that it would have been a bit of a middle finger to the audience if the show didn’t revisit it.

Keeley and Roy’s relationship fell apart initially due to concerns about their schedules as they both took on very different careers.

Hopefully, this time apart will allow them to navigate a relationship as busy and successful individuals.

My hope for the final two episodes is that Keeley’s more immersed in AFC Richmond than ever because her plot this season has taken her on a meandering road away from what she does best.

Nate Looks to the Past - Ted Lasso

Let’s check back in with Nate because I was floored by the development here. Nate’s storyline has been going in circles since moving to West Ham.

The world was — quite literally — his oyster, but he didn’t follow through with the villainous streak we first witnessed at the end of Ted Lasso Season 2.

Everyone wants to feel fulfilled in life, but his search for validation sent him down a troubling path, and now, it seems like he’s finally on the road to recovery.

From his troubled relationship with his father to his conflict about cheating on Jade and what he did to Ted and the team, he’s struggled to wear a mask to conceal his emotion.

Jade and Nate - Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8

Slowly, it’s been eating away at him, but there was more personality than before when the show dove into why his father was never impressed with him.

Parents often want to give their kids opportunities they never had growing up, but Nate’s dad apparently put too many expectations on his son.

Naturally, there was some resentment from his father because he didn’t grab these opportunities.

In doing so, Nate has found himself searching for validation. The two men had quite an emotional breakthrough, and they seem to be on the road to recovery.

When the Villain Arrives - Ted Lasso

Nate still believes he has much explaining and making up to do, so we should probably expect him to continually immerse himself in AFC Richmond going forward.

Wouldn’t it be touching if he took over from Ted at the football company? It would definitely drum up interest, but would it make sense?

Jade: Are you alive?
Nathan: Unfortunately, yeah.
Jade: You’re okay.
Nathan: Am I an idiot?
Jade: Sometimes, yes.
Nathan: No, I meant for quitting my job.
Jade: Do you wish you hadn’t? Then there’s your answer.
Nathan: I just don’t know what I’m gonna do.
Jade: Do you need me to stay?
Nathan: No. No, that’s… No, I’m okay.
Jade: Do you want to come to Poland with me? You can help me and my family screw in light bulbs.
Nathan: That’s very funny.
Jade: Why is it funny?
Nathan: I don’t know. Sorry. I… No.
Jade: I’ll see you in a few days.
Nathan: Mm-hmm. Thank you.
Jade: Goodbye.

It would be satisfying because it feels like Ted has been struggling to find purpose in a country away from his son and ex-wife.

Despite Nate leaking Ted’s panic attacks to the press, Ted continued to believe Nate had some redeeming qualities.

Sam is Upset - Ted Lasso

That’s why I don’t think we can rule anything out here regarding what will happen to the team.

Speaking of teams, Akufo’s desire to monetize football more and cut out the working-class people who have made football such a success for so long was misguided.

Akufo has emerged as a villain in ways I didn’t think possible, but sometimes, I feel like I’m watching a superhero movie, and he’s the person who knocks down our heroes at every turn.

Messing with Sam’s chances to represent Nigeria was despicable. It was hard to look at the humor in the scene, but in any case, it showed just how wicked Akufo could be if you got on the wrong side of him.

Sam's Dilemma - Ted Lasso

Thankfully, Rebecca managed to knock him down a few pegs. Rebecca’s journey has always been about outmaneuvering Rupert because he’s been such a horrible person to her.

However, I clapped and cheered when Rebecca declined his advances because it was the ultimate way for her to tell her ex-husband there was no chance of reconciliation.

Rebecca: Is this a fսcking joke?
Akufo: Excuse me?
Rebecca: What do you think you’re doing? Just stop it! I mean, how much more money do any of you really need? Why would you ever consider taking something away from people that means so much to them? This isn’t a game. Football isn’t just a game.

Rebecca and Rupert reuniting would take away from Rebecca’s growth throughout the three-season run.

It was highly satisfying watching Rupert believe that reminiscing on the past and taking down Akufo would build a bridge between them.

Rebecca Prepares for a Showdown - Ted Lasso

It may just be me, but Rupert did look genuinely heartbroken when he was shot down, possibly hinting that Rebecca is the one that got away from him.

Rebecca remains one of the best-written characters on TV because she’s constantly evolving, but her moral compass will never change.

She has values, knows her worth, and can tell when someone is trying to pull the wool over her eyes.

If this is the final season, I’ll miss Hannah Waddingham’s wonderfully nuanced portrayal of this woman who was forced to pivot after her husband’s infidelity.

Rebecca After the Takedown - Ted Lasso

With two episodes left, hopefully, we will begin the process of closure for some of the other characters.

Ted’s journey has been more of a slow burn, so I don’t expect that to come into focus until the finale.

What are your thoughts on Keeley getting a reprieve? Are you surprised about Nate?

What’s your take on Rebecca realizing she no longer needs to win against Rupert?

Hit the comments.

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