Dead Cells Tops 10 Million Sales As Evil Empire Teases New Games In Two “Really Massive” Franchises

Image: Motion Twin / Evil Empire

Dead Cells developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that the game has now topped 10 million sales since its initial Early Access launch on Steam in 2017.

Not only that, but in speaking with, Evil Empire’s CEO Steve Filby stated that the game will continue to be supported with new DLC until “at least the end of 2024”. Whether these will be free updates or paid expansions is currently unknown, though we’d wager a mixture of both is probably on the cards.

Dead Cells made its way to the Switch in 2019. The game has received an incredible 34 free updates along with 4 paid expansions, including the recently released Return to Castlevania DLC in collaboration with Konami. Fans of physical media can also still pre-order boxed copies of Dead Cells including all paid DLC from Signature Edition Games from £39.99.

Evil Empire is also well on the way to working on two new games from dormant existing IP, stating to that the studio sees Dead Cells as “a stepping stone” to creating its own games. Filby stated that “we ended up signing with two third-party IP holders to make the next instalments in these really massive video game franchises”.

It’s currently unknown which IP Evil Empire will be working on for its next projects, but fans can expect the first game to enter early access in 2024, while the second is planned for 2025. We’re secretly hoping for a proper Castlevania title, but we won’t hold our breath.

What do you make of Dead Cells’ latest sales milestone? Are you looking forward to new DLC, or do you hope a complete edition is made available later down the line? Let us know.

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