Save on the rarely discounted Google Pixel Watch now, get one at a discount while you still can

Oh, man, the Google Pixel Watch! We must say that this smartwatch had a really rough start. Yes, designwise, the Pixel Watch was and is a gem. However, its poor battery life and stutters here and there that it had at the beginning made it difficult to recommend. That said, Google improved its first-ever smartwatch with time. It eliminated all these issues, and now the Pixel Watch is among the best smartwatches you can buy in 2023.Unfortunately, though, retailers rarely offer Google’s Pixel Watch at a discount. That is why, you should get one right now while luck is on your side.

Amazon and Best Buy currently have a pretty nice deal on Google’s Pixel Watch, offering the Bluetooth version of this bad boy for 14% below sticker and its LTE brother for 18% off its original price. So, basically, if you get the Bluetooth model right now, you will save $50, and if you go for the LTE version, your savings will be $70.

Now, we agree that $50 and $70 aren’t exactly whopping savings. That said, you never know when Amazon and Best Buy will decide to discount the Pixel Watch again. So you should definitely take advantage of this offer, while you still can.

The Pixel Watch comes equipped with Fitbit’s industry-leading fitness tracking and has every health-tracking feature you would expect a high-end smartwatch to have. Also, it can measure your heart rate every second. With the Pixel Watch, you can also make phone calls and receive texts and notifications directly on your wrist.

Overall, Google’s first smartwatch has a beautiful, stylish design, and good performance, is loaded with health tracking features, and is totally worth getting, especially now when it’s available at a discount. So go and get your Pixel Watch now.

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